Quests Bonus – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mini-Tournament

First of all, like with the Super Mario Galaxy Test Review, we’re not officially covering Smash Bros. This video is simply a bonus to go along with Quests, partly as an apology because of the problems we’ve been having with video reviews lately.

Now that that’s out of the way, this video is of a casual mini-tournament we had a little while back.

The Participants:
Roku (Marth) – Specialty: 1 versus 1 duels
XeroZohar (Samus) – Specialty: All-range combat
J_Sensei (Also Samus) – Specialty: Sniping
Nerdboy (Various) – Specialty: Uh…a legion of cute critters(?)

Factors such as moderately heavy lag, items, and Xero and I only having the game for a few hours before the match (we started it late due to RL and whatnot) obviously had an effect on the match. If I may briefly rant, I’m really very saddened by the amount of lag I’ve had with any player in a different state. I was really hoping that this would be a solid title that much of the staff could play together without issues like that getting in the way. Hopefully Nintendo will take the complaints to heart and upgrade things a bit for us. They sold millions of copies after all…

*Ahem* Anyway, Karlinn is the one making the comments. You probably recognize his voice from the podcasts. If you don’t, you need to listen to them more. And buy Deus Ex. He hasn’t had a chance to pick up Brawl yet, but even so, that may perhaps make his commentary even more amusing. If that’s not enough, the battles are pretty action-packed too.

Of course, lag prevents this from being as awesome as it might have been if we could play in person, but it’s still a little funny in a sad sort of way to see us swing at air a few times. I think we managed to do a pretty good job of predicting by the end, though we each had a few KOs from walking off the edge or being unable to recover from simple falls as a result of lag too.

A couple of notes:
-The sound is a little off at the beginning and end, sorry about that. My other video program is still corrupted, which is causing us problems.
-For some reason, it cut off the last part of the fourth battle. Xero won.

And finally, the overall results:

Please let us know if you enjoyed this video. If you did, we can perhaps have more similar videos to go along with future Quests.

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