Pokemon Black/White Gets Video Chat, “Pass By” Mode, HAL 9000

A recent promotional pamphlet for the upcoming Pokemon Black and White revealed some interesting features.  First is the “Pass By” mode, activated when players with dormant DSs get close enough, allowing the handhelds to connect.  This will provide bonuses for both players, though exactly what bonuses are not yet known.  Second is a video chat option, unlocked by progressing through the campaign; a “Live Caster” tool will allow two players to connect over WiFi, or four over a local wireless connection.

The third feature, not actually mentioned in the pamphlet, is an eerie glowing red eye that wonders if it will dream when it shuts down.  Expect Skynet Facebook compatibility in short order.

Black/White is due out in Japan September 18, with a US release date penciled in for Spring of 2011.

Source: Joystiq

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