New Mass Effect Comic Details the Illusive Man’s Backstory

A man of enduring mystery and glowing robot eyes, Mass Effect 2‘s Illusive Man is largely a question mark voiced by Martin Sheen.  Come this January, however, Dark Horse plans to flesh out his origins in a four-part miniseries dubbed Mass Effect: Evolution, courtesy of the team behind the popular Mass Effect: Redemption.

Set shortly after the discovery of mass relays connecting humanity with the rest of the galaxy, the story will focus on the Illusive Man as he uncovers the secrets behind humanity’s sudden technological leap forward.  Writer John Jackson Miller comments, “He’s sure there’s a darker side to some of the great things humanity’s discovered, and he’s rushing to find what that is before it’s too late… let’s just say it’s impossible to come into such close contact with the mysteries of the universe without being changed by them.”

Apparently, these findings would spur him to create Cerberus, the organization backing Shepard in Mass Effect 2.  Miller also asserted that not every question would be answered, though fan response to Evolution may prompt further exploration of the Illusive Man’s history.

Source: IGN

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