Fire Emblem If Details: Battlemaids, No Durability, and Triangle Changes

A recent Famitsu took a closer look at Fire Emblem If, revealing that the title will be tweaking the series staple Weapon Triangle. Previously, the triangle was a standard rock-paper-scissors setup, with swords beating axes, axes beating lances, and lances beating swords. Now the triangle will incorporate swords and magic, axes and bows, and lances and concealed weapons, with the same order of effectiveness.

Concealed weapons are apparently wielded by maids, butlers, and shinobi; classes wrapped around some of the friendlies that may join up. Specifically, the characters Felicia (maid), Joker (butler), Gunther (butler), and Suzukaze (unspecified) show up in both the White Night Kingdom and Dark Night Kingdom versions, while Saizou (unspecified) and Kagerou (shinobi) appear in White Night Kingdom.

Fire Emblem If will also not feature weapon durability. However, stronger weapons may be paired with trade-offs, such as reduced evasion or disabled Pursuit attacks.

Source: Gematsu

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