Fallout 4 Announced, Coming November 10; Mods to Work on Xbox One

Fallout 4 was the centerpiece of Bethesda’s conference on Sunday, where the company formally announced the title and that it would launch on November 10. The gameplay demo revealed short combat and conversation segments: the main character is now voiced, and VATS appears to be changed somewhat from its Fallout 3 and New Vegas incarnations, slowing down time instead of stopping it completely.

Plotwise, the character is a citizen of pre-war United States, whose family is whisked away to vault 111 just as the bombs start falling. A brief sequence showed character generation for the male and female PC, a husband and wife, just before entering the vault. Following the arrival at 111, the PC somehow emerges 200 years later, and even wanders back to the ruins of their old neighborhood. How the PC survived is unclear. The demonstration also showed the PC encountering a dog, who could be commanded to move to specific locations or search for items.

A large focus of the presentation was on crafting systems; weapon and armor customization, but also, surprisingly, the ability to build your own town. With scrap materials gathered from the world, the player can build structures virtually from scratch, even getting NPCs to visit, trade with, and help defend the town. Power armor use also looked more involved, with the PC shown physically climbing into the suit rather than simply equipping it from inventory.

Later, during Microsoft’s press conference, a separate Fallout 4 presentation revealed that mods for the PC version will also work on Xbox One. Whether this will also apply to the PS4 is unknown at this time.

Source: Gematsu

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