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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, PAX Impression

It seems like Square Enix brought to PAX pretty much the same demo for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as it had at E3, though there were a few notable improvements.  You could actually pick up the DS and hold it, for one.  Continue reading ‘Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, PAX Impression’ »

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Impression 2

After receiving a radio transmission and heading through a swamp, the hero finds him or herself inside a rather large mansion and face to face with a friendly Ghoul in a rather bad situation. Raider-like enemies will be invading at any moment, and despite a healthy supply of video cameras that give him a small command post of sorts, the mansion is in a very sorry state and these foes have no problem busting down the rotten walls in order to accomplish their goals. Of course, this isn’t a typical Ghoul. He has turrets, attack dogs, and a fair bit of extra firepower too, but he could still use a hand. The player is thus conscripted and charged with various tasks that range from fending off hoards of enemies as they bust their way in to igniting explosives in order to seal up holes. Continue reading ‘Fallout 3: Point Lookout Impression 2’ »

White Knight Chronicles Impression 2

White Knight Chronicles is one of those games we heard about a lot a while back, then…not so much. The biggest draw, or at least what set it apart, was the hero’s ability to become a huge knight and fend off giant enemies in a clash of massive scale. Of course, the real question is how well this actually plays out. Continue reading ‘White Knight Chronicles Impression 2’ »

Editorial – E3 is Energy, Exhibits, Equilibrium

Most gamers remember what E3 was like in the early to mid-’00s, even if they didn’t attend: showy exhibits, loud music, plenty of swag, booth babes, and a festive atmosphere. It was more than just a trade show; it was a festival of gaming for the industry’s best. It was the chance to try out games that weren’t out yet and talk with developers. It was an exhausting sensory overload and a collective experience that made many wonderful memories.

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Liveblogging: Ys Books I & II

Nerdboy is here to ease you into comprehension of Ys Books I & II, now available on your very own Virtual Console! The liveblog will be getting started at 2PM EDT, but feel free to check in early and get comfy in your own digital ringside seat!

Hit this link to get it started!

DC Universe Trailer from Sony Press Conference

Random Mega Man 9 Fun at E3 – Plug Man, Concrete Man Full Stage

E3 2008 Gallery

Fable II Demo, Interview with Peter Molyneux

I had a chance to sit down with Peter Molyneux, the man behind the upcoming Fable II. Fair warning, there are a lot of details, plot and otherwise, and it’s a fairly long read. Continue reading ‘Fable II Demo, Interview with Peter Molyneux’ »

Microsoft Press Conference Impressions

After sitting through the Microsoft Press Event, and thinking about it over a tasty beef bowl at Yoshinoya, here is my summary and impressions of the event. Be warned, this is a long read.

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Anime Expo 2008 Atlus Panel

Part 1 of 7:

We were able to attend Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei panel at the Anime Expo, and they were kind enough to let us record it. Special thanks to my friend Tim who helped me out with the camera.
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Anime Expo 2008 Gallery