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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – Staff Review

When Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was released in late 2003, it quickly became a sleeper hit, its offbeat humor and complex tactical RPG gameplay combining to make it a highly appealing entry in an underrepresented genre. Although none of NIS’s games have done quite as well in North America, Disgaea is still going strong, with a sequel and now a nearly picture-perfect port of the original game to the PSP, with a few minor additions. Although Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness purports to offer an entire post-lunchtime of darkness, what it gains over the original is honestly not that impressive, making this version more of an extended brunch. Continue reading ‘Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – Staff Review’ »

Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions – Staff Review

Despite having some game-breaking bugs and a translation just this side of gibberish, Final Fantasy Tactics has gone on to gather quite an impressive following in the decade since its launch, and today it is widely recognized as one of the classics of the gaming world. With the release of Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions on the PSP, Square Enix has managed to fix some of the game’s more glaring issues, bugs and translation included. Of course, with this new version comes problems of its own, such as low sound quality and a slight but persistent amount of slowdown and lag. However, even with these problems, the new translation, added content, and a slight rebalancing of the Job Class system makes Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions the definitive version of this gaming classic, and worth a look to anyone with even a passing interest in tactical RPGs.  Continue reading ‘Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions – Staff Review’ »

Brave Story: New Traveler – Staff Review

The basic structure of the traditional fantasy RPG is well established. Take one part youthful hero, add in one cheery female lead, one musclebound tank, and one wacky mage. Stir in knights, dragons, a mad god bent on destroying the world, and a hero gaining maturity and wisdom by way of a journey across the world. Incorporating all these clichés and more, Brave Story: New Traveler is about as typical an RPG as one could hope to see. Continue reading ‘Brave Story: New Traveler – Staff Review’ »

Jeanne d’Arc – Staff Review

RPGs as a whole have a penchant for history, often absorbing established historical fact piecemeal into their plots. Jeanne d’Arc takes this much further than most, taking more or less the entire history of Joan of Arc into its plot, altering 15th century Europe and the Hundred Years War to fit a fantasy RPG template, complete with Elves, Dwarves, and a race of animal people known as Therions. Continue reading ‘Jeanne d’Arc – Staff Review’ »