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Happy Halloween From RandomNPC

We hope you’re all having a fun time tonight. We’re currently terrified by the sheer number of recent releases that we need to review, but that means more treats for all of you in the weeks to come! We’ll be extending our Halloween themed reviews into next week, so you can expect even more monster/costume/apocalyptic fun.

BioWare Lords New Mass Effect Content Over Us

Today, BioWare announced a couple of new toys for both the PC and Xbox360 versions of Mass Effect 2. The first is a 90-minute demo, featuring the opening cinema and mission of the game, and will allow players to save the progress they make on the demo for use on the full game.

The second, and probably more interesting announcement, is that new DLC will be available for the game come tomorrow. Called Overlord, it adds five new areas to the game, as well as two new achievements. There wasn’t much in the way of further details, but the content will put players back 560 points, either in Microsoft or Bioware’s Internet Funbucks, depending on which platform you’re on.

Technical Issues

You may have noticed that we had some technical difficulties this weekend. Specifically, we were flagged as an attack site by Google. Rest assured, we aren’t out to beat you up for experience points and gold.

After checking everything, we determined that it was clearly not our fault. The problem was actually with our webhosting service, which had developed a security flaw. We have now changed to a different webhost and uploaded a clean backup.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Happy Halloween From RandomNPC

Happy Halloween! We’ll have Halloween-themed content all day~

RandomNPC Celebrates Two Years

Two years ago today, our diabolical plans dreams became reality as RandomNPC went live. Since then, we’ve grown in readership, added new features, and covered many new games.

For the next week, we’ll be celebrating our birthday by posting some special features. One will be a series of reviews for games that feature “2” or “II” in the title or are simply sequels of previous titles. We think it’s a great way to salute our second successful year, which is itself a sequel of our first year. We’ll also be running a special comic series from our local artist Michael “CactuarJoe” Beckett.

Thank you for supporting us for our first two years. Here’s to many more!

We’re Going to the Moon!

Effective today, we’re switching IRC servers again. This time, we’re moving to, home of the moon penguins. Our friends at Soulriders made the jump a while back and we decided to follow suit. Lunarnet is more stable and the administration is more on-the-ball in dealing with technical issues.

If you regularly join us on IRC, please remember to connect to lunarnet instead of procrast. If you’ve never joined our IRC channel, drop in and visit us at our new home.

Staff Blog Launch

Greetings all. Did you ever wonder what our thoughts on the latest events in the RPG world were? What about our thoughts on games that we were playing but hadn’t beaten and reviewed or were simply playing on the side? Well, here’s your chance to get in on that information. It’s not just that though, no. We’ll also be posting our thoughts on non-RPGs, game industry related stuff, and maybe even allow you to see some behind-the-scenes workings. While most of us will probably focus a bit more on RPG-related material, anything game related is fair game. No pun intended. You can check them out here or check the side bar on the right side of the page for the latest updates. Oh, one note though: they’ll be less formal than the content that goes on the main site, so our quality guidelines won’t be quite as high.

Slight Delay and an Apology

As you’ve no doubt guessed by the lack of video reviews, we are once again experiencing technical difficulties. We seem to be having poor luck here. First it was a problem with Windows, then it was with the backup computer’s hard drive, and now it’s with the capture device itself. We’ve been running through the troubleshooters and had a few rounds with tech support, but as of today it’s officially dead. We’ll be getting a replacement asap and will have videos going up soon after, as we’ve already gotten a lot of work done on them before the hardware died. We apologize for the delay.

Introducing… Me

Hello everyone!

Please allow me to introduce myself as the newest fresh-faced newsie to join the RandomNPC team. My name is Jody Williams, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I’m currently a new stay-at-home mommy with a three-month-old future gaming baby boy. 99% of my time is consumed by motherly duties, but I’m looking forward to sharing my remaining 1% with you lovely readers.

It’s Halloween (Week)!

It’s Halloween (Week)! It’s time to break out the decorations, Halloween-theme reviews, and candy. Well, I guess we don’t really have a way of getting the candy to you, so we’ll just have to hold onto that. However! We can share the reviews with you. Anything with some kind of ghostly or dark theme is possible. Castlevania, Shin Megami Tensei, even Phantom Hourglass just to name a few…who knows what we’re going to post this week? We’ll be aiming for one review per day through Halloween night, so be sure to check back often.

Leveling Up

RandomNPC keeps growing and growing. We’ve had some plans in the works for some time now, and we’re finally confident enough in them to announce some new sections. Continue reading ‘Leveling Up’ »

RandomNPC Turns One

One year ago today, RandomNPC went live. We’ve come a long way from the small reviews-only website we started out as, but we plan to continue to add features and grow. We appreciate the support of readers who have dugg us or have helped to support us in other ways; it’s really been a big help in getting the word about us out there.

Well, since it’s our birthday, we might as well bring out some sort of presents too. We’ll be posting several reviews and features as this birthday week progresses. We hope you all enjoy it ^^.

Happy Birthday to Us!


Chrono Trigger Warping Onto Shelves November 25

Fans will not have to wait until the End of Time for the DS port of the time traveling classic Chrono Trigger. It will arrive in stores November 25 unless Lavos decides to be nine years late.

Current Quests – Week of 8/03/08

It’s Sunday again, so it’s time for another round of our Current Quests. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 8/03/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 7/29/08

Is it just me, or is everything breaking down? A month or so ago, my laptop’s AC adaptor decided to die in spectacular fashion, along with my DS Lite. And now Karlinn has suffered a similar fate, as his computer appears to have vomited all over his lap. My personal feelings on the matter? Technology hates us. But enough of that, here’s what those of us who have yet to be destroyed by our mechanical overlords have been up to this week. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 7/29/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 07/20/08

So that was E3 for this year. Not quite as busy on the RPG front as I’d expected, but then since I’m a newsie, I should probably just be thankful. And while E3 kept our staff bustling this week there was certainly no shortage of gaming going on.

Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 07/20/08’ »

Forum Launch in 3…2…1…

In celebration of E3, we’ve decided to launch some dedicated forum software, which should help get discussion going about the stories you read here on  We hope you like it and use it often! is the address, and it’s linked to in the header of the site for easy access.  Note that the login for the forum and login for the site’s comment system are not linked as yet, though they eventually will be.  However, we intend to move the comment system completely to those forums, as they work better in most respects, so feel free to comment on anything you want.  Just keep it within the rules.

Current Quests – Week of 07/13/08

We’re geared up for E3 this week, but that hasn’t stopped some of us from wiling away the hours with happy fun videogames. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 07/13/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 7/6/08

Any members of the viewing audience been following this season of Doctor Who? I’ve been watching episodes as they air in Britain in order to avoid the Sci Fi Channel and their horrible, horrible edits. The BBC showed the season finale last night, and good mother of God. I expected (spoiler removed), but (spoiler here, too)? And (spoiler), (spoiler), AND (spoiler)? It was absolutely (not a spoiler, just obscene). Anyway, on to this week’s Quests!

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