Konami, tri-Ace Collaborating on Smartphone RPG Chronos Ring

Amidst the Tokyo Game Show, Konami and tri-Ace revealed a smartphone RPG in development, titled Chronos Rings. The game is set for a fall release this year; check out the teaser trailer hereabouts.

PS Vita/iOS RPG Zodiac Announced

Studio Kobojo announced at Tokyo Game Show that a PS Vita/iOS RPG Zodiac is in development. The title boasts the creative talents of Kazushige Nojima, scenario writer for Final Fantasy games VII, VIII, X, and XV, and the well-known composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Set in an ancient world whose gods have seemingly vanished, Zodiac is a 2D persistent online RPG with turn-based combat. Players can switch between classes at will even in combat, with the classes designed around the twelve Zodiac signs.

The game is planned for a 2015 release, though Kobojo stated they have not yet decided whether it will be free-to-play or a normally priced title.

Source: Gematsu

FuRyu Reveals 3DS RPG The Legend of Legacy

Developer FuRyu has announced a 3DS RPG in development, titled The Legend of Legacy. Players will form a party out of seven characters and explore the legendary island of Avalon, though few story details are known at this time.

Legend of Legacy is planned for a January 22 launch in Japan, priced at 5908 yen. A teaser site for the game is available here.

Source: Gematsu

Final Fantasy XV Demo Details, Director Change

With the Tokyo Game Show coming to a close, Final Fantasy XV got its headline moment with a live gameplay demo. The demo showed several of the game’s core mechanics, including the more action-oriented combat system. Players must actively string attacks together and manually guard against counterattacks, though Noctis’ friends will automatically form team attacks so long as he’s nearby. Outside of battle, players will traverse fields on foot and in vehicles; cars can be set to drive automatically to your destination.

Other noteworthy features included a dynamic weather system – rain affecting the appearance of characters and the world, which then dries when the sun comes out – and a day-night cycle with appropriate lighting adjustments. Party members will also converse with each other while in transit.

Apart from the demo, Square Enix also announced that Tetsuya Nomura was stepping down as director for the title, in order to focus on developing Kingdom Hearts III. Type-0 director Hajime Tabata will be directing Final Fantasy XV going forward.

Source: Gematsu

Devil Survivor 2: Break Record Set for January Release in Japan

At its Tokyo Game Show stage event today, Atlus announced that Devil Survivor 2: Break Record will launch on January 29, 2015 for the 3DS. This came at the end of a new trailer for the title, which you can see for yourselve over on YouTube.

Tales of Zestiria Planned for 2015 NA/EU Launch, Gets Costume DLC

Bandai Namco has announced that Tales of Zestiria will launch in Summer 2015 for the PS3 in North America and Europe. This puts it roughly six months out from the Japanese release of January 22, making it one of the fastest localizations for the series in recent years.

Also revealed at the Tokyo Game Show is that the game will feature downloadable costumes from the Evangelion series, including those for Shinji (Sorey), Rei (Edna), Asuka (Rose), and Misato (Lailah).

Source: Gematsu

Square Enix Preparing Unnamed Console RPG Studio

Since we’re on the subject, Square is also opening a new internal studio to focus specifically on console RPG development. The studio has no name at this time, though a website has been launched (available here) and the company is already seeking several positions for it, including Battle Director, Lead Planner, Lead Programmer, and various design leads.

Source: Gematsu

More Bravely Second Characters Revealed

More details about Bravely Second‘s cast have been released, specifically those of the Three Musketeers, the group sworn to protect the Crystal Orthodoxy. Main character Yuu is the group’s leader, also known as the “Falcon of the Gale.” Jean, a veteran soldier and expert swordfighter, is Musketeer #2, called the “Wolf of Blazing Fire.” Third and last is Nikolai, the “Rugged Python”, who serves as the group’s priest.

Bravely Second is planned for a winter launch this year in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

Dragon Quest: Heroes, Dragon Quest XI Announced

Square Enix has revealed Dragon Quest: Heroes, an action-RPG entry in the long-running series. Heroes centers around the kingdom of Elsarse, which saw peace between humans and monsters until recently. The kingdom is now under siege, and it falls to Akuto and Meer, the army’s commanding officers, to save the day. A collaboration with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, Dragon Quest: Heroes is planned for a PS3 and PS4 release in Japan sometime next year.

Series creator Yuji Horii also confirmed that the next numbered entry, Dragon Quest XI, is in development. No further details were given at this time.

Source: Gematsu

Omega Quintet Pushed Back to October

Compile Heart announced that Omega Quintet has been delayed from its September 18 release date in Japan. The company stated the game would instead launch on October 2. No details were given regarding the reasons for the delay.

Source: Gematsu

Xenoblade Chronicles X World Map Expanded Several Times Over Original

In a recent interview, Monolith Soft president Tetsuya Takahashi revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature a substantially larger game world. The game’s vehicles, called Dolls, “are five times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be five times bigger.” Takahashi added that X‘s game world is even larger than that.

Source: Gematsu

Dragon Age: Inquisition Features 4-Player Co-Op

BioWare has let loose a few more tidbits regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s multiplayer mode. The game will feature 4-player co-op, consisting of three campaigns that each randomly generate a large level out of smaller, pre-designed sections. Specifics are few at this time, though BioWare indicated they are aiming for multiplayer matches roughly 20-30 minutes in length.

Source: Gematsu

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 80% Complete

Amidst the gameplay demonstration at PAX Prime this weekend, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is roughly 80% complete. However, no concrete release period was given at this time.

Source: IGN

Final Fantasy Explorers Details: Multiplayer, Special Edition, and Past Characters

As long as we’re talking Square Enix, the company also revealed more information about Final Fantasy Explorers. Of particular note:

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Bravely Second Planned for Winter Japan Release

Square Enix announced that Bravely Second has been set for a Winter release in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to New 3DS

Nintendo announced they will be bringing Xenoblade Chronicles to the recently announced New 3DS model. Specifically, the title will only run on the New 3DS, as it makes use of the upgraded CPU over previous models. Chronicles will re-launch in Japan sometime next year.

Source: Gematsu

Fantasy Life European Release Date Set, DLC Detailed

Fantasy Life will hit the 3DS in Europe on September 26, ahead of the October 24 release for North America, Nintendo recently announced. Additionally, the title will feature a downloadable add-on called “Origin Island” at launch day, which adds additional story content, new ranks in Life Classes, more equipment, and new varieties of adoptable pets.

Source: Gematsu

New Trailer Shows Birth by Sleep Worlds for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Square Enix has released another trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, this one showing off some of the worlds featured in Birth by Sleep Final Mix: Castle of Dreams, Deep Space, Olympus Coliseum, and Enchanted Dominion. View the trailer for yourself here.

As a reminder, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix hits the PS3 on December 2 in North America, followed by the European release on December 5.

EA, BioWare Announce Shadow Realms

Electronic Arts and BioWare have revealed Shadow Realms, an online action RPG with a focus on asymmetric team-based gameplay. The title centers around a conflict between heroes on Earth and a parallel world called Embra, whose Shadow Legions have begun to invade Earth. A team of four players will control the heroes as they square off against a single enemy, also player-controlled, called the Shadowlord, and the game will reportedly have an episodic narrative stringing the various missions together.

The official website has been set up here, and players can register for the closed alpha here.

New Pokemon Project to Be Announced

The Pokemon Company interrupts this program to apologize for this interruption. Also, they announced a new Pokemon project is in development, to be formally announced next week on August 26; a livestream of the announcement will be available via Niconico. Naturally, no further details were given at this time.

Source: Gematsu