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3D Dot Game Heroes – Staff Review

When I was a young boy in kindergarten, my parents bought me a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. I used to sit in bed thinking about what games would look like in the future. I imagined that games would take your picture, and instead of Mario’s head, you’d see your own. With games like the arcade version of Mario Kart, that became a reality. I also thought that games would be in 3D, but at the time, I couldn’t even imagine that today’s graphics would be such detailed models with hundreds or thousands of polygons. I envisioned pixels, stacked on top of one another building a world. As the years went by, I chalked that fantasy up to boyhood dreaming and to the silly thoughts of a five-year-old. Now with 3D Dot Game Heroes, I’ve found that I wasn’t the only one to have this idea.
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3D Dot Game Heroes Gets Customized

Upcoming Atlus joint 3D Dot Game Heroes will feature a character editing system, allowing players to build their heroes from the ground up. Coming courtesy of the Playstation Blog, Atlus PR and sales manager Aram Jabbari announced that the system will let players design not only their in-game appearance, but also movement and attack animations. Jabbari also stated the North American version will come pre-stocked with more custom creations than the Japanese release, and that players can share their creations on the 3DDGH community website.

3D Dot Game Heroes is scheduled for a May 11 release.

Mass Media 01/28/10

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Mass Media 11/25/09

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3D Dot Game Heroes Bringing Retro-Futurism* to PS3

Ever on the hunt for something everybody else hasn’t done yet, Atlus recently announced that 3D Dot Game Heroes will see a Playstation 3 release in North America. Safe money suggests 3D pixels will never look so good without DirectX10 help.

Atlus have slated 3D Dot Game Heroes for a May 11, 2010 release, retailing at $39.99 US.

*May not be an actual word. Consult your nearest dictionary for details.

Mass Media 10/17/09

Mass Media 10/03/09

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Mass Media 09/12/09

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Mass Media 09/09/09

Fresh media for y’all, ’cause you’re all dying for it, I know. In today’s update: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Summon Night X: Tears Crown, Dragon Quest IX, La Pucelle Ragnarok, and Final Fantasy Legend II DS. I’m told Final Fantasy Legend II DS is actually part of the SaGa series, but m’eh. When Squenix, proud owners of Eidos, decide to finance 30 Deus Ex sequels and spinoffs, then I’ll make the effort to be more precise with their nomenclature.

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Mass Media 09/06/09

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