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Arc Rise Fantasia – Staff Review

I’m led to believe that hating on Japanese RPGs is the “in” thing right now. Yes, they were pioneering and revolutionary back in their heyday, that magical time around the fourth and fifth console generations (and specifically the SNES and PS1) when cartoony, sprite-based graphics were the norm and any semblance of an intricate plot was head and shoulders above the competition. Imagine how the effect of new technology help people to enjoy games more. to know how technology affected online casino as well, visit this website now. You’ll probably get mind blown in whatever you are gonna see.

That said, Arc Rise Fantasia is a fairly standard JRPG. Brooding protagonist with oversized sword, quiet, sheltered healer girl, semi-fantasy setting, colorful character designs, it’s all there. And it’s better than the haters would lead you to believe. Continue reading ‘Arc Rise Fantasia – Staff Review’ »

Impressions from the Floor: Arc Rise Fantasia, Magic: the Gathering Tactics

Sitting here in the E3 media lounge, chicken caesar wrap on my lap, writing this post on my DSiXL. I call it convergence. Continue reading ‘Impressions from the Floor: Arc Rise Fantasia, Magic: the Gathering Tactics’ »

Marvelous Pulls Publishing Switcharoo With Arc Rise Fantasia

Late last week, Ignition Entertainment issued a press release saying that the company will be publishing Marvelous Entertainment’s Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia in North America next summer. It sounds like ordinary news, except that Marvelous had previously selected XSEED as the North American publisher. This isn’t the first time Marvelous has switched publishers; Muramasa: The Demon Blade changed hands from XSEED to Ignition as well.

Source: Reuters

Mass Media 05/14/09

Hey everybody! No fancy stuff today, too busy running fetch quests for XP with catgirls to comment about awesome things like STALKER Complete 2009. But, I digress. In today’s update: Arc Rise Fantasia, Class of Heroes, Final Fantasy Legend II DS, Infinite Space, Mario and Luigi RPG 3, and A Witch’s Tale. Check it out! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/14/09’ »

Mass Media 04/15/09

No rest for the weary or wicked, eh? Incidentally, I just tried to bypass a Fallout 3 crashing problem with a custom Pipboy radio station by just playing Winamp in the background. This, sadly, chopped up the framerate like so much meat at the mercy of a certain butcher some of you may know. The moral of the story is Fallout 3 and Whitesnake do not get along. Anyway, more media for you fine folks: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Tales of Graces, Crimson Gem Saga, Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, Blood of Bahamut and Arc Rise Fantasia. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04/15/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 04/05/09

Heya guys! Weekend update for you, just an appetizer to hold you over in the form of Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance and Arc Rise Fantasia. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just finished Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and I have a lot of pent-up hostility and some long knives that need sharpening. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 04/05/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Packaging 03/17/09

Assorted odds and ends for your perusal, not the least of which is what Fallout 3‘s text looks like in one of those crazy non-English languages. We also have some Arc Rise Fantasia, Disgaea 2 PSP, and Shining Force Feather. Observe: Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Packaging 03/17/09’ »

Arc Rise Fantasia Dated in Japan

Marvelous Entertainment has announced today that Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii will be released June 4. The official Japanese website has also been updated and includes information on the game, character profiles and pics, and a couple of trailers.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 02/25/09

Say, turn this record over, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! On this side: 7th Dragon, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Tales of Radiant Mythology 2, Arc Rise Fantasia, Blood of Bahamut, and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 02/25/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/16/08

Back again with still more screens and other goodies. In this episode: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Mega Man Star Force 3, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Valkyria Chronicles, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Puzzle Quest Galactrix. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork – 02/16/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08

In this update: Blood of Bahamut, Arc Rise Fantasia, White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Shining Force Feather. Also… more corn! Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart – 12/15/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 11/17/08

In today’s update: Blood of Bahamut, Arc Rise Fantasia, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 11/17/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 11/15/08

In today’s update: Destiny Links, Kimi no Yusha, and Arc Rise Fantasia. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 11/15/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/24/08

In today’s update: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Agito, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2, Arc Rise Fantasia, World Destruction, Atelier Annie, Cross of Venus, and Zill O’ll ~Infinite Plus~. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/24/08’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/10/08

In today’s update: Oboro Muramasa Youtouden, Valkyria Chronicles, AWAY Shuffle Dungeon, Rune Factory Frontier, Arc Rise Fantasia, Star Ocean Last Hope, Phantasy Star Zero, Last Remnant, Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo’s Dungeon DS, Shining Force Feather, 7th Dragon, Little King’s Story, and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/10/08’ »

Arc Rise Fantasia – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Dengeki

Arc Rise Fantasia – Screenshots

Source: Dengeki

Arc Rise Fantasia – Screenshots

Source: Famitsu

Wii Gets More RPG Action

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Japanese developer Imageepoch has annouced that it’ll be giving the Wii more loving in the form of Arc Rise Fantasia. Only a few details are known about the upcoming RPG. Players will control a team of three who will share an AP gauge in battle. Summoned creatures called “Roguesu” will also play a role in the game.

Source: Jeux-France