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Mass Media 03-27-16

Mass Media 02-16-16

If I’m not sober, you’re not getting the drop on me. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 02-16-16’ »

Mass Media 08-23-15

Katawa Shoujo makes me cry. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08-23-15’ »

Mass Media 07-25-15

I didn’t know we still did these. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07-25-15’ »

Mass Media 05-09-15

Send for a medic so I can kill him too. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05-09-15’ »

Mass Media 04-11-15

As American as an apple pie filled with baseballs cooked by a bald eagle with the head of Guy Fieri. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04-11-15’ »

Mass Media 03-07-15

Running is like walking, only faster. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 03-07-15’ »

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Media

Mass Media 01-17-15

Now entering Mansion of Terror. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 01-17-15’ »

Mass Media 01-10-15

Mass Backlog Media 11-21-14

Mass Backlog Media 11-01-14

Mass Media 10-24-14

I apologize for not uploading media for such a long time. Site issues were giving me trouble, but now we’re good to go. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10-24-14’ »

Mass Media 07-19-14

So apparently accidentally crashing your computer can fix problems with your browser that disallow you from accessing the site. Who knew? Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07-19-14’ »

Mass Media 05-16-14

Filling in for the Slayer due to some technical difficulties. In the meantime, got some nice things on sale for ya, strangah. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05-16-14’ »

Mass Media 04-26-14

Chocobo races completed in a half hour, bitches. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04-26-14’ »

Mass Media 04-12-14

Kiss my sexy island ass, ya? Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04-12-14’ »

Dark Souls 2 Media

Pretend this game isn’t already out. Continue reading ‘Dark Souls 2 Media’ »

Mass Media 03-02-14

I love having a new computer. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 03-02-14’ »

Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk Media

Here Lies John DeFoe

Finally At Peace

Do Not Disturb His Rest Continue reading ‘Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk Media’ »