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Asda Story – Staff Review #2

Asda Story is one of the many free-to-play MMORPGs that have become available to English speakers in recent months. In this flood, having unique features is a great asset to a new MMO. In Asda Story‘s case, this came not only in the form of its fairly unique in-game Soulmate and Sowel systems, but also in an advertising campaign that guaranteed the fun of players. Making guarantees and living up to them are two entirely different things though. Continue reading ‘Asda Story – Staff Review #2’ »

Asda Story – Staff Review

Asda Story, perhaps most famous for its offer of $30 for those players who found it wanting during its beta period, is a game hampered by a large number of bugs, a very poor translation, and an uninspired overall design. Asda Story is one of the more “Me Too” free MMOs on the market today, offering bland combat, very basic quests, and little or no story. There are a few bright spots, as Asda Story does offer some unique variations on player interaction and sports an interesting visual style. But for the most part, Asda Story really shows its youth – there’s not enough content, not enough polish on the translation, and, at the moment, not a lot of reason to play it. Continue reading ‘Asda Story – Staff Review’ »

Asda Story Goes Live announced today the official launch of their free-to-play MMORPG Asda Story. Continue reading ‘Asda Story Goes Live’ »

Asda Story Begins Open Beta, Guarantees Fun

Asda Story is a popular MMORPG from Korea and Japan that is beginning an open beta on August 5 at 9:00 PST. To participate, players need only sign up on Gamescampus, and it’s guaranteed to be fun. Continue reading ‘Asda Story Begins Open Beta, Guarantees Fun’ »