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Atelier Ayesha Plus Coming to Vita

Atelier Ayesha will be getting a Vita release, according to Dengeki Playstation. Titled Atelier Ayesha Plus, the Vita redux will include the downloadable content from the PS3 version, some game balance adjustments, and a new Hard Mode. The game launches on March 27, with a pricetag of 5800 yen.

Source: Gematsu

Tecmo Koei Listed for Atelier Ayesha Localization

While NIS America had previously stated that Atelier Ayesha would see a North American release, it appears that Tecmo Koei – current parent company of Gust, the series developer – will be handling localization. The ESRB has rated the title, listing Tecmo Koei as the game’s publisher. Neither they nor Gust have confirmed this, however, and a formal announcement is still pending.

Source: Gematsu

Atelier Ayesha: Characters and Combat Info

More Atelier Ayesha details have been revealed, starting with two characters: Juris Grunden and Wilbell Voll ErsLied. Juris is a dedicated monster hunter, who took up the job largely to pay the bills, though he also seeks to bring down an ancient dragon. Wilbell is a young witch – pointy hat and all – on her pilgrimage and looking to unlock the secrets of flight.

As for combat, Ayesha keeps some elements of prior games, most notably the turn-based battle system; as before, turn order is affected by the actions each character takes. New features include position and distance, which affect the battlefield in various ways. For instance, a close party formation makes ranged attacks easier, but also makes you more vulnerable to the same. Striking enemies from behind also results in a guaranteed critical.

Source: Andriasang

Atelier Ayesha Characters, Synthesis System Detailed

A recent media update has given us further information about Atelier Ayesha. In particular, the cast now includes the treasure-hunting Regina Curtis, and fellow alchemist Keithgrif Hazeldine. Regina is apparently one of Ayesha’s friends, while Keithgrif is a traveling scholar of sorts.

As for the alchemy system, it reportedly keeps most of the basics from prior games, with players gathering materials and selecting recipes. In a twist, however, you can now combine items during the fusion process to change the effects.

Source: Andriasang