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Atelier Rorona Remake Announced for PS3/PSV

Not keen on letting moe alchemy sit idle, developer Gust has announced a remake Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland for Playstation 3 and PS Vita. Among other things, the redux has been retitled as New Atelier Rorona: The Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland and will feature new events, a longer time limit, item cultivation (gardening, basically), new party characters, costumes, and cross-platform save data.

New Atelier Rorona is set for a November launch in Japan. A release outside of Japan was not announced.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 05/19/13

The female lead of Drakengard 3 uses her male companions to sate her sexual desires.

Undoubtedly this will rankle fans suffering from internalized misogyny. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/19/13’ »

Atelier Escha & Logy Premium Packages Revealed

Not content with just one special edition for Atelier Escha & Logy, Tecmo Koei and Gust have revealed a series of premium editions, each with progressively more content. In particular, the Special Combo with a premium box (11,550 yen) includes the first-run bonuses and the Gust Shop limited edition “Recollection Archvies.” Above that is the Premium Strongest Combo, which includes those and the OST for 17,640 yen. Towering above all is the Premium Strongest Package at a scale-breaing 23,240 yen, which throws in all previous benefits along with a deluxe box, artbook, and exclusive PS3 theme.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemist of Dusk Sky hits the PS3 in Japan on June 27.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 04/06/13

Redhead with a great rack?

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Atelier Totori Plus Hits US PSN

To surprisingly little fanfare, Tecmo Koei has released the Vita version of Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland on the US Playstation Network. This was done seemingly without warning, as a US release had not even been confirmed.

At present, Atelier Totori Plus is a download-only title priced at $39.99. Check it out here if you need your portable alchemy fix.

Mass Media 03/16/13

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Mass Media 03/03/13

If Light Yagami was a military strategist, he’d be Shu. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 03/03/13’ »

Mass Media 01/12/13

The 49ers have made me $25 richer. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 01/12/13’ »

Tecmo Koei Listed for Atelier Ayesha Localization

While NIS America had previously stated that Atelier Ayesha would see a North American release, it appears that Tecmo Koei – current parent company of Gust, the series developer – will be handling localization. The ESRB has rated the title, listing Tecmo Koei as the game’s publisher. Neither they nor Gust have confirmed this, however, and a formal announcement is still pending.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 11/03/12

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Atelier Totori Coming to Vita

Atelier Totori will see a Vita adaptation, under the title Atelier Totori Plus. According to Dengeki Playstation, the “plus” aspect will include new outfits, illustrations, and other additions. Set to release November 29, the game comes in both standard (¥6,090) and limited editions (¥8,190), the latter including a Vita skin and paperweight.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 05/12/12

The part of Edge will now be played by Porom, because Edge sucks. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/12/12’ »

Atelier Ayesha: Characters and Combat Info

More Atelier Ayesha details have been revealed, starting with two characters: Juris Grunden and Wilbell Voll ErsLied. Juris is a dedicated monster hunter, who took up the job largely to pay the bills, though he also seeks to bring down an ancient dragon. Wilbell is a young witch – pointy hat and all – on her pilgrimage and looking to unlock the secrets of flight.

As for combat, Ayesha keeps some elements of prior games, most notably the turn-based battle system; as before, turn order is affected by the actions each character takes. New features include position and distance, which affect the battlefield in various ways. For instance, a close party formation makes ranged attacks easier, but also makes you more vulnerable to the same. Striking enemies from behind also results in a guaranteed critical.

Source: Andriasang

Atelier Meruru Set for May 22 US Release

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland has been set for a North American release date of May 22. I swear I’m going to get to these games one day, they just look so pretty and colorful.

Source: Joystiq

Atelier Ayesha Characters, Synthesis System Detailed

A recent media update has given us further information about Atelier Ayesha. In particular, the cast now includes the treasure-hunting Regina Curtis, and fellow alchemist Keithgrif Hazeldine. Regina is apparently one of Ayesha’s friends, while Keithgrif is a traveling scholar of sorts.

As for the alchemy system, it reportedly keeps most of the basics from prior games, with players gathering materials and selecting recipes. In a twist, however, you can now combine items during the fusion process to change the effects.

Source: Andriasang

Atelier Meruru Announced for North America, Europe

In a recent press release, NIS America announced that Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland will see a May release in North America and Europe.  This was paired with the launching of the game’s official site, available here.

Atelier Meruru Delayed by Content Rating Issue

Following an investigation, ratings board CERO has declared some of the upcoming Atelier Meruru‘s visual content is unfit for its ‘A’ rating. CERO issued a statement claiming the content was not amongst the materials presented by developer Gust, and as a result have pulled the game’s rating.

For their part, Gust has complied with the decision and halted shipments, which will resume once the game is rerated accordingly. The nature of the inapprorpiate content was not specified.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 07/25/11

Y’know the annoying thing about importing stuff? I mean, apart from the cost, the language barrier, the hassle of explaining to your credit card company that no, you’re really you and you’re okaying the transaction? Actually wait, that stuff’s annoying too, but it’s the waiting that really gets to me. Oh well. Anyway, on with some media: Atelier Totori, Disgaea 4, Growlanser 4 Overload, Noora to Toki no Koubou, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/25/11’ »

Mass Media 07/02/11

Ain’t nothing like a holiday weekend for getting a whole lot of nothing done. If only the humidity wasn’t currently measurable in inches. Ah well. Anyhow, we do have some media for you: Atelier Meruru, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, Disgaea 4, and UnchainBlades Rexx. Click away!
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Mass Media 06/20/11

Playing the original Command & Conquer has reminded me of the bizarre rituals and alchemy one must do to get old games working. I know not what sorcery allows the screen resolution window on the desktop to keep the colors in-game from getting scrambled, but you can’t argue with results.

And speaking of alchemy, we’ve got some media for you: Atelier Meruru, Grand Knight’s History, Noora to Toki no Koubou, and Over My Dead Body. Check it out this-a-way! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/20/11’ »