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AWAY Shuffle Dungeon Delayed

Majesco has announced that AWAY Shuffle Dungeon, which was due out October 21, will be delayed. It is expected to be released sometime in November or December.

Source: IGN

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 10/10/08

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AWAY Shuffle Dungeon – Screenshots

Source: Famitsu

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon – Screenshots

Sources: Famitsu and Game Watch

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Game Watch

Majesco RPG to Shuffle Onto Store Shelves

Majesco Entertainment announced today AWAY Shuffle Dungeon for the Nintendo DS. The game centers around Web Village, whose residents have disappeared, save for a young man by the name of Sword. To rescue the villagers, Sword must collect magical talismans, including musical instruments, that will allow him to unravel the mysteries of the dungeons where the villagers are being held captive. The game boasts of a special “shuffle” mechanism. When time runs out, the dungeons reconfigure themselves and injure Sword and the remaining villagers. As Sword liberates villagers and finds treasure, he will gain access to armor and weapons shops, as well as first aid services. Continue reading ‘Majesco RPG to Shuffle Onto Store Shelves’ »