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Bastion to Receive Free DLC, Google Chrome-Compatible Version

Indie RPG Bastion is getting some interesting new additions, starting with a version playable entirely through Google Chrome. For $14.99 at the Chrome Web Store, and a bit of preloading, you can fire the game up straight through the browser. A demo is available for testing if you’re curious.

On top of this, developer Supergiant Games will be releasing free DLC for the game. Dubbed Stranger’s Dream, the content will include new game modes and a sequence available after completing the game; the latter, Who Knows Where, provides additional backstory about the game world.

Steam-based players will get the update automatically, while distribution methods for non-Steam versions are still being worked out. Unfortunately, Microsoft policies require that 360 DLC be priced, so 360 players will have to spend 80 MS points to update.

Source: 1UP