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Europe Gets Last Hope, North America Gets Black Sigil

We have a trickle of news today. Square Enix has announced that PAL territories will be getting Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 sometime this spring. It’s also been confirmed that Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled for the Nintendo DS will be headed to North American retailers on March 17. The SNES-era inspired game been keeping under the radar of late, but those who are curious can find some screenshots and trailers on Graffiti¬†Entertainment’s website.

Black Sigil Details Uncovered

RPG fans hankering for some SNES-era nostalgia may want to take a look at the upcoming Black Sigil for the Nintendo DS. Formerly known as Project Exile, the game takes place in the land of Bel Lenora where humans are gifted with magical powers at their birth. Fifteen years ago, a man bereft of magic of magical ability suddenly appeared and wreaked havoc over the land. He was finally defeated by Bel Lenora’s most powerful general. But now another mysterious being has appeared and threatens Bel Lenora once again.

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Black Sigil – Screenshots

Source: Jeux-France