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Borderlands – Staff Review

Borderlands presents an interesting mash up of First-Person Shooter and RPG elements, which eventually come together to produce a unique sort of combat system with a lot to offer. Unfortunately, a clunky interface, flatlined plot, and a certain monotony when it comes to environments drag the game down significantly, becoming glaring issues towards the end of the game. On the whole, Borderlands is a solidly built game, and it works well for gamers looking for something a little bit different, but it’s not a particularly compelling or amazing title. Continue reading ‘Borderlands – Staff Review’ »

Borderlands DLC’s Chief Weapon is Surprise: It’s Out Now

Going from no release date to “download now, folks” in record time is the latest DLC for Borderlands. Dubbed The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, the content promises new guns, class mods, vehicles, missions, and enemy types. Additionally, the level cap is bumped up to 61.

The content costs 800 MS funbucks for the 360. Comparable pricing for the PS3 and PC is likely, though the site has not yet been updated to reflect this. Further details, and a trailer, can be found on the DLC’s official website, located here.

Mass Media 11/28/09

That Ys game is a PSP remake of a PC remake of Ys III. Just pointing that out. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 11/28/09’ »