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Reason 3954820 Japan is Better Than Everywhere Else

As if we didn’t need another reason Japanese gamers are luckier than pretty much everyone else, the details of new features in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, the Blu-Ray release of the sequel to the much acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, have finally been announced. The movie will have 30 minutes of additional footage, and each copy of the movie will have a playable demo for Final Fantasy XIII. If that wasn’t enough, there will also be trailers for Final Fantasy XIII: Agito and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Crisis Core Bundle Priced

As previously reported, Europeans gamers will have the opportunity to pick up a limited edition Crisis Core bundle, which will include Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and an engraved silver PSP. The bundle has now been priced at 189.99 Euros. It will go on sale the day of the game’s PAL release, June 20.

Europe Gets Collectible Crisis Core

European gamers who’ve been planning to pick up a PSP in order to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII are in luck. A limited edition collector’s pack including the game and a metallic gray PSP will be available on June 20, the day of Crisis Core‘s release in PAL territories. The price has not been confirmed, but should be under 200 Euros.

Source: Jeux-France

Date Set for Crisis in Europe

European gamers can finally rejoice. A date has been set for the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation Portable.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the prequel to Final Fantasy VII and features Zack as the leading man with cameos by a number of other series favorites. It was released in North America in March and will see its debut in Europe on June 20.

Source: Jeux-France

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Staff Review

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the latest game in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, is a game that will appeal mostly to fans of the series. Starring a character who appeared only in flashbacks and in passing mentions in the original game and detailing many events only alluded to in FFVII, Crisis Core relies a great deal on nostalgia, to the point where it’s actually re-telling parts of FFVII at times. Still, underneath it all, there is still an interesting, if not particularly challenging game with some unusual ideas about combat and storytelling. On the whole, Crisis Core is a solid, if somewhat predictable title that should provide some entertainment for people looking for a bit more background on the characters of Final Fantasy VII. Continue reading ‘Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Staff Review’ »

More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart

Here is a lot more slightly old media from newish games. Enjoy ^^. Continue reading ‘More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart’ »