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PlayStation Plus Members Get Free Demon’s Souls

Speaking of Atlus, Demon’s Souls is now on the PSN’s Instant Game Collection for April, and is free to download for PlayStation Plus members. Y’know, just in case you need a warm-up for Dark Souls. Check out the full update here.

Demon’s Souls Hits PSN Tuesday

Atlus has just announced that Demon’s Souls will go digital, launching on PlayStation Network starting January 8. Setting the price at $19.99, Atlus also plans to host a Pure White World Tendency event to commemorate the release; weakening enemies and strengthening players for one week, ending January 14.

Source: Gematsu

Demon’s Souls Offers Halloween Tricks, Treats

Straight from Atlus comes this sinister note written in blood:

“Early reports from the Kingdom of Boletaria indicate that the Old One’s power grows,” announced Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales for Atlus, shuffling awkwardly under the weight of his full set of fluted armor. “We’ve discovered that the nefarious Demon will seek to descend the land in pure blackness on All Hallow’s Eve. His minions will be more powerful, but the rewards for those who seek to challenge them will be greater as well. We don’t know how long this dark tendency will last, but we do advise those prone to controller-into-LCD syndrome to proceed carefully.” Jabbari then cackled as he quickly put a Thief’s ring on his finger and disappeared.

If playing Demon’s Souls sounds like your kind of Halloween torture fun, then log in to the servers if you dare.

Atlus Adds Pre-order Bonuses to Demon’s Souls

Via the official PlayStation blog, Atlus revealed some not-so-shocking news. Pre-orders of its upcoming PS3 RPG Demon’s Souls will include the game’s soundtrack and an art book. The soundtrack has 71 minutes of music over 24 tracks, and the art book has 40 pages of sketches, designs, and renders.

Demon’s Souls will be out on October 6, and until then you can check out the official site for the game.

Demon’s Souls Given Release Date, Now With Swag Flavor

The ongoing Atlus Spoils program gained its newest addition over the holiday weekend with Demon’s Souls, as Atlus announced that the upcoming Playstation 3 action RPG will come in normal and deluxe editions. The latter features a unique strategy guide and a collectible outer slipcase, along with exclusive boxart. A preorder for either version, with participating retailers, also nets a bonus artbook. Set for a simultaneous launch on October 6 of this year, the standard version will retail for $59.99, while extras bump the deluxe version up to $69.99.

Can a strategy guide and slipcover be worth the extra ten dollars? Common sense says no, but what has that done for mankind lately?

Demon’s Souls Impression

Demon’s Souls is a hard game to describe. On paper, it sounds completely different than it does in person, and that’s a good thing. Until I had my hands on the game, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was something I wanted to play, but after trying it, it’s on my must-have list. Continue reading ‘Demon’s Souls Impression’ »

Mass Media 06/02/09

We have some Atlus goodies for you today with screens from Demon’s Souls, Persona PSP, and Devil Survivor. Enjoy! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/02/09’ »

Atlus Announces Shiren the Wanderer, Launches Demon’s Souls Site

Not to be left out of the E3 excitement, Atlus made a couple of announcements today as well. Shiren the Wanderer for the Nintendo Wii will be coming for North America in spring 2010. Continue reading ‘Atlus Announces Shiren the Wanderer, Launches Demon’s Souls Site’ »

Mass Media 05/21/09

Y’know, I love Fallout 3 and all, and Broken Steel finally retcons the stupid ending, but I get the feeling it’s not going to add what I really want: getting to wear Col. Autumn’s sweet coat, and more President Eden. Ah well. At least mods can fix one of those. Anyway, on to the media: Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy Legend II DS, and Blazing Souls Accelerate. Check ’em out: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/21/09’ »

Demons Overrun PS3 this Fall

PlayStation 3 owners looking for a challenge will soon have something new to sink their teeth into. Atlus announced today that Demon’s Souls will be coming to North America this fall.

Continue reading ‘Demons Overrun PS3 this Fall’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 03/01/09

Some tasty screens for you today: sequels, ports, new games, and crazy artsy stuff. Check it out! For today, Demon’s Souls, Diablo III, Muramasa and The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 03/01/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/07/09

In today’s update: Dungeons and Dam, Disgaea 3, Disagea 2 PSP, Phantom Brave Wii, 7th Dragon, Blazer Drive, Demon’s Soul, Phantasy Star Zero, Ragnarok Online DS, Sacred Blaze, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Summon Night X Tears Crown, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Tales of Hearts, and Dragon Quest IX. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart 01/07/09’ »

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 12/02/08 – Part 2

Day’s not over just yet. Some more screenshots and artwork for you – Brandish: The Dark Revenant, Demon’s Souls, Dragon Quest IX, Pokemon Platinum, and Devil Survivor.

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More News Courtesy of Famitsu

A couple of new RPG announcements have come out of the the latest issue of Famitsu — and shockingly, they’re not for the DS! Marvelous Entertainment is working on Valhalla Knights : Eldar Saga for the Nintendo Wii. The games promises real-time battles, character customization, and a co-op mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi. The game is 70% complete and is due out sometime in 2009 in Japan.

Also due out in 2009 is Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 3. Developed by From Software, the game will allow players to create their own hero with a range of customization options. Not much else is known, save that it’s an action RPG featuring shape-shifting monsters, but if you happen to be heading for the Tokyo Game Show, you can try it out first hand.

Source: Gamekyo

Demon’s Soul – Screenshots

Source: Famitsu