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Nippon Ichi Raises Earnings Forecasts, Citing Disgaea’s Vita Sales

Developer Nippon Ichi announced higher than expected earnings forecasts: operating income up to ¥303mil and net income at ¥203mil, up from respective figures of ¥107mil and ¥59mil. The company credited the jump to Disgaea 3: Return selling “higher than expected,” with Disgaea 4 on the PS3 also selling well in North America and Europe.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 08/19/11

Howdy-ho, all! Just squeezing in some media before the weekend. Bit tight on time, so without further ado here’s what we have: Class of Heroes 3DS, Disgaea 3: Return, Disgaea 4, Dragon’s Dogma, Fermi Naju 3, and Final Fantasy Type-0. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/19/11’ »

Nippon Ichi: Disgaea 3 for Vita, Other Games Announced

Nippon Ichi has confirmed that a port-slash-remake of Disgaea 3 is in the works for the PS Vita. Subtitled Disgaea 3: Return, the game will include all DLC featured in the PS3 version along with two new characters and four new scenarios. There has also been discussion of post-release DLC, though with the system itself not yet released there are few details at this time.

In addition, the company stated that four other games are being developed: an action RPG from the Prinny team, a new title from the Disgaea team, another game from System Prisma (the Cladun people), and a Japanese release of “a 3DS game that was popular overseas.” No platforms were specified.

Return is expected to debut at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Sources: 1UP, Andriasang