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Mass Media 10/30/09

SlayerGhaleon tapes piece of paper over his sleeping pills
SlayerGhaleon writes “Vicodin, Prescribed to: Gregory House” on it
Roku-lab: heh

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Mass Media 10/02/09

Alethea: ….bahahahaha
Alethea: 5 billion disgaea screenshots
Alethea: wolf hates you
Alethea: seriously, that’s SlayerGhaleon’s personal hell right there
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Playstation Network to Get Its Disgaea Infinite On

A new entry to the Disgaea series, under the title of Disgaea Infinite, is coming soon to a Playstation Network near you. Sony lists it as a PS3 title, while the latest Famitsu refers to it as a PSP game. There has been no clarification as to which is the case, however it will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Destructoid

Mass Media 09/20/09

I miss everything that is good and pure in life while flying. Things like a good night’s sleep and Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ah well. Today’s media: Disgaea Infinite, WiZman’s World, Inazuma Eleven 2, and Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku, whatever the heck that means. Observe! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/20/09’ »