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Got a big hearty media update for you all. Part of this balanced breakfast and a good source of calcium (with milk). This time around: Blood of Bahamut, Alpha Protocol, Crimson Gem Saga, Disgaea 2 PSP, Dokapon Journey, Dragon Quest IX, Lord of Vermillion, A Witch’s Tale, and Ys Online: Call of Solum. Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart’ »

Atlus Announces a New Game, Delays a Few, Fights Self-Aware Super Computer

Atlus has had plenty of announcements in the past day with some good news and bad. For starters, there is a new DS game on the horizon. Titled Dokapon Journey, up to four players can join in on what can best be described as a hybrid between a board game and RPG. It’s all about competition, so playing dirty and finishing a friend’s fight to steal the experience points is all part of the strategy.

Since the game is most fun with multiple people, there are some nice features to help things along. There is built-in AI for solo gaming, and Dokapon Journey features single-cart multiplayer, so four people can play on just one copy of the game. It’s rated E10 for everyone ten and above, and it will hit shelves April 14.

As for the bad news, we couldn’t say it better than the best. press. release. ever. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading ‘Atlus Announces a New Game, Delays a Few, Fights Self-Aware Super Computer’ »

Dokapon Kingdom – Screenshots, Boxart

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Atlus Makes War Not Love With Dokapon Kingdom

Atlus has announced a new multiplayer RPG for the Wii. In Dokapon Kingdom up to four players will try to save the kingdom of Dokapon, which is being ravaged by hordes of gold-hungry monsters bent on stealing all of the kingdom’s wealth. The reward? The throne and the hand of Princess Penny. The problem? One throne and one princess, but up to three friends fighting alongside you and vying for that same prize.
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