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What Happened This Week – Worldwide Economic Catastrophes, Now With Bears!

Greetings to you all on this lovely Sunday, or as the media calls it, “two days until the world ends.” The debt ceiling might be on everyone’s mind these days – actually job creation is, or at least it should be – but we’ve still got some gaming news to cover. In tonight’s gravity-defying* episode:

  • The Big N announces a sizable price drop on the 3DS and Iwata takes the heat for low sales numbers.  Some say this is brilliant, others that it’s risky; smarter people say it’s both.
  • Alleged members of LulzSec are under increasing scrutiny from the UK authorities, leading to at least one arrest.  This is what happens, Larry!  This is what happens when you [censored by Standards and Practices]!
  • Dragon Age 2 disappears from Steam in the wake of their Legacy DLC release, and EA and Valve bicker despite making so much money together off Portal 2.   Somewhere, Bobby Kotick is giggling like a schoolgirl.
  • A major Battlefield 3 release party holds a “No girls allowed” stipulation.  Apparently, booting less-than-ideal representatives of the online community requires actual work.
  • THQ ends the Red Faction series, wondering why people found a corridor shooter about killing aliens in a cave less interesting than a sandbox destruction simulator on the surface of Mars.
  • Kinectimals DLC will add bears to the game.  The title: Kinectimals: Now With Bears! Would that more DLC could be so honest.
  • Lastly, I offer some pointers about the debt ceiling fiasco: how we got here, what might happen, and what (little) we can do about it.

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Dragon Age 2 DLC Announced and Dated

BioWare has unveiled Legacy, the first downloadable add-on for Dragon Age 2.  A criminal cartel have begun hunting for “the blood of Hawke,” an obvious concern for the like-named protagonist, and the description indicates you’ll travel to a Grey Warden prison in order to get to the bottom of things.  Apart from new locations, the content will grant an upgradeable, class-specific weapon and reveal “the harsh truth” about the Hawke family’s history.

Legacy goes live on July 26, with the usual DLC pricing of $9.99 on PSN and 800 MS/BioWare funbucks for 360 and PC.  More details can be found on the official site.