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Mass Media 08/20/09

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Mass Media 08/17/09

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Bioware Makes Shiny New Copies of Dragon Age: Origins Even Shinier

Bioware recently announced via its Twitter feed that all new copies of Dragon Age: Origins will include codes for the Blood Dragon armor, which works in both DA:O and Mass Effect 2, and “The Stone Prisoner” DLC, which has a special quest and an unlockable golem character named Shale. These bonuses were previously announced as content for the limited edition of the game. Don’t worry; the limited edition still has lots of bonuses to keep it special.

Bioware Reschedules Dragon Age

So much for October 20. Bioware has revealed that Dragon Age: Origins won’t be out in North America until November 3, and Europe will have to wait until November 6. That’s just for the 360 and PC versions. PS3 owners on both sides of the pond will have to wait until later that month.

Source: IGN

Bioware Sweetens the Deal with Dragon Age: Origins Collector’s Edition

Lots of people and companies are on Twitter these days, including Bioware, which recently revealed the contents of the upcoming Collector’s Edition of Dragon Age: Origins via a link to GameStop on its Twitter feed.

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Mass Media 07/10/09

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Mass Media 06/19/09 – Part 1!

Stay tuned, ’cause there’s more where this came from. In today’s update: Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga, Final Fantasy XIII, Inazuma Eleven 2, and Dragon Age: Origins. Not pictured: me trying to enrage all of Tamriel and make a mad dash for the Shivering Isles portal set to “Push it to the Limit.” Because I didn’t actually do that, I just read about some dude that did. Was pretty epic, though. I ramble. Behold the screens: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/19/09 – Part 1!’ »

Dragon Age Specs Revealed: +2 HD or Greater Required

Y’know, back in the day a Bioware RPG meant you wouldn’t have to break the bank building a machine for it. Those were simpler times, times where men were men and women were women, until they stumbled onto the cursed girdle of gender-swapping and foolishly decided to try it on before identifying it. And that jerk assassin at the Friendly Arm Inn still recognized you. Sigh.

Where was I? Oh, right. Bioware just released the specs for the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins. Details here:

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Dragon Age: Origins and the Curious Marketing Strategy

By now, anybody who cares has seen the trailers for Bioware’s upcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins. We laughed, we cried, we wondered how in the world they thought adding Marilyn Manson to scenes of mass violence and armored dudes sneering at each other would help it sell. At E3, the gang and I got a closer look at the actual game, and while there was little to sway people one way or another, I did get the impression that there is cause for hope yet. Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading ‘Dragon Age: Origins and the Curious Marketing Strategy’ »

Bioware Drops New Mass Effect 2 Teaser, Dragon Age: Origins Release Date

Apparently shunning old-fashioned press releases, Bioware recently released two new teaser videos via GameTrailers.

The first is a new E3 teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2. The first teaser trailer, released back in February, showed that Commander Shepard was killed in action. This new trailer shows Shepard alive and well and taking on a dangerous mission. There’s also a previously released video that features the developers talking about what players can expect in Mass Effect 2.

The second is a new trailer for Dragon Age: Origins. In addition to showing plenty of spattered blood, this trailer also reveals the game’s new release date of October 20.

Source: GameTrailers

BioWare Makes Bid for Betas

Dragon Age: Origins may have been pushed back to late 2009, but fans and modders who’d like a look at the game are being invited to particpate in the Dragon Age toolset beta. The toolset will eventually allow players to create and share user-made levels for the game. BioWare hopes to attract a wide range of testers so both experienced and novice modders are invited to apply at the beta site.

Mass Screenshots, Artwork 04/07/09

Got some more goodies for you. A couple snappies of the recently announced Fable II: See the Future and the less-recently-announced Blood of Bahamut, alongside shots of Dragon Age Origins. Even money suggests the good guys are the ones not wearing helmets. They usually don’t. Anyhow… Continue reading ‘Mass Screenshots, Artwork 04/07/09’ »

Good News, Bad News from Bioware

Mass Effect fans can now rejoice as Electronic Arts announced today that Mass Effect 2 is expected for a 2010 release. Dragon Age: Origin fans, however, may need a tissue: Bioware, the studio responsible for Mass Effect and its upcoming sequel, announced today that the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins will be delayed. Originally due out in March, Dragon Age: Origins has been pushed back to late 2009 to be released simultaneously with the console versions of the game.

Source: IGN

Dragon Age Origins – Screenshots

Bioware to Give Dragon Age Players a Shiny Set of Tools

At the Penny Arcade Expo, Bioware showed off its Dragon Age Toolset, which as the name suggests, is a developer-grade kit for user-generated content for the upcoming game Dragon Age: Origins. It will allow players the freedom to modify locations or create completely new ones. The tools will also let would-be scenario writers script their own stories for use in the game. Between the two, players will be able to create entire quests from scratch, and there will also be a special Content Creater’s Community for people to hash out their ideas and discuss. And naturally, Bioware has promised updates to the toolkit, so it will always have shiny new things to play with.

Dragon Age: Origins Details Rain Down After Major Explosion

Bioware released some new information today about its long-in-development RPG Dragon Age: Origins. We’ve got details about the game’s combat system, story, and release date. Take a peek inside for the most explosions and dragons this side of a 70s van. Continue reading ‘Dragon Age: Origins Details Rain Down After Major Explosion’ »

Dragons Come of Age, Storm E3

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins (previously known only as Dragon Age) has remained under the radar since it was unveiled at E3 2004. But gamers hoping for news on the upcoming dark fantasy RPG will soon have something more to talk about than a slight name change. According to the game’s website, which went live this week,  a game trailer will premier on GameTrailers TV this Friday at 1:00 a.m., on Spike TV and Spike HD. It’s also been announced that Dragon Age will be demoed at E3 next week.