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E3 Media 06/17/10

If Nintendo wants me to buy Ocarina of Time again they’ll insert a dating sim option with Malon. Continue reading ‘E3 Media 06/17/10’ »

Dragon Quest IX Release Dates Announced for North America, Europe

Nintendo has finally announced the concrete release dates for Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. The Nintendo DS title arrives in North America on July 11 and in Europe on July 23.

As you may recall, Nintendo accepted the task of publishing the game back in February.

Nintendo Fist-bumps Square Enix, Takes on North American Publishing of Dragon Quest IX

Today, Nintendo announced at the Nintendo Media Summit that it will not only be co-marketing Dragon Quest IX with Square Enix but handling the North American publication of the game as well. The company also said that the game will be out sometime this summer.

Source: Joystiq

Mass Media 12/29/09

Mass does not do this update justice. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 12/29/09’ »

Mass Media 12/17/09

SlayerGhaleon: Heeeeeeeeey Karl
SlayerGhaleon: Miku cosplay in new Tales game.
Karlinn: Graces? SOLD!
SlayerGhaleon: Yes, Graces.
* Karlinn endorses Miku appearances in any medium, even rockets to Venus:
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Mass Media 12/03/09

Mass Media 11/27/09

If any of you readers need a Christmas gift idea for me, I could use a new PS3 controller. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 11/27/09’ »

Mass Media 11/11/09

How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelet? Continue reading ‘Mass Media 11/11/09’ »

Mass Media 11/05/09

Hexys Force just got infinitely more disturbing. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 11/05/09’ »

Mass Media 10/30/09

SlayerGhaleon tapes piece of paper over his sleeping pills
SlayerGhaleon writes “Vicodin, Prescribed to: Gregory House” on it
Roku-lab: heh

Halloween is a fun time of year. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10/30/09’ »

Mass Media 10/22/09

This media update brought to you in part by our good friend the pigeon. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10/22/09’ »

Mass Media 10/17/09

Mass Media 10/09/09

XeroZohar: Delicious Cactuar
CactuarJoe: No eating! Not allowed!
XeroZohar: Awwwwwww.
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Mass Media 10/02/09

Alethea: ….bahahahaha
Alethea: 5 billion disgaea screenshots
Alethea: wolf hates you
Alethea: seriously, that’s SlayerGhaleon’s personal hell right there
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Mass Media 09/24/09

Grandia III during the day, Fatal Frame II during the night. That’s what I call multitasking. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/24/09’ »

Mass Media 09/18/09

Mass Media 09/13/09

WiZman’s World! WiZman’s World! Party time! Excellent! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/13/09’ »

Mass Media 09/09/09

Fresh media for y’all, ’cause you’re all dying for it, I know. In today’s update: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Summon Night X: Tears Crown, Dragon Quest IX, La Pucelle Ragnarok, and Final Fantasy Legend II DS. I’m told Final Fantasy Legend II DS is actually part of the SaGa series, but m’eh. When Squenix, proud owners of Eidos, decide to finance 30 Deus Ex sequels and spinoffs, then I’ll make the effort to be more precise with their nomenclature.

‘Nomenclature’ is a funny word. It’s pretentious, but it’s fun to say. Go ahead, try it. While you’re at it, here’s the media: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/09/09’ »

Game Changers: Volume 22 – Dragon Quest IX

There are only a few things in life that you can really count on. Mario will always trump Luigi; there is never anything “final” about Final Fantasy; and Dragon Quest will alway be a bastion of tradition in the RPG world. But in December 2006, Square Enix shook the very foundations of our RPG beliefs: they announced that Dragon Quest IX would slough off the shackles of menu-based fighting and embrace modernity by becoming… an action RPG. Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 22 – Dragon Quest IX’ »

Mass Media 08/28/09

In this episode: Roy Brown is the man. I wish I could rewind time back to E3 so I could shake someone at Bethesda’s hand for introducing me to this golden-voiced king amongst men. That and ask them to de-nerf Colonel Autumn’s laser pistol. Oh well… there’s always mods, I guess.

To the task at hand. Today’s media includes and is limited to: Dragon Quest IX, Elemental Hunters, Hexys Force, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Resonance of Fate, Rune Factory 3, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, and Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Gallia Royal Military Academy. Get it while it’s hot, people! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/28/09’ »