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Mass Media 09/24/09

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Dragon Quest: Wars Announced

Square Enix has just announced that Dragon Quest: Wars, an upcoming turn-based strategy title employing monsters from the Dragon Quest series, will be available for download through Nintendo’s DSiWare service in October of this year. The game will employ the DSi’s wireless network and Wi-Fi connection, allowing up to four teams to build a party of monsters and battle in the same arena.

While a launch day was not specified, the company stated the title will be available for 500 DSi points.

Mass Media 06/13/09

Y’know what the hardest thing about getting back into Oblivion is? Other than downloading more in mods than the size of the actual game, or getting the stupid things to work right? Planning your character, man. You gotta throw out everything you know about conventional RPG grinding to max out your stats in Oblivion. It’s dumb and wrong and yet when you figure it out it feels so… well, okay, actually it still feels dumb and wrong, but it’s all worth it to crush some poor schmuck’s weapon arm in one go, take the weapon he was using, and use it to dismember him. But I digress.

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Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare

Square Enix is partnering with Intelligent Systems, the makers of the Fire Emblem series, to create Dragon Quest Wars, a DSiWare team-based strategy game where squads of four face off against one another. Players will be able to battle friends’ teams or go for a round with the CPU with up to four players playing simultaneously.

The game will cost 500 DSiWare points ($5.00) and is currently only announced for Japan, though it should be noted that Square Enix has filed a trademark for Dragon Quest Wars in North America. That is by no means confirmation of anything, but it certainly gives rise to the possibility of the game seeing release outside of Japan.

Source: Siliconera