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Strategy Session – Dragonica Online: Addendum

A month or two ago, I wrote up a series of articles for the various classes of Dragonica Online, but having now taken a Knight past the second job change, I feel I may have been a bit unduly harsh on this defensive Warrior. With some new changes to the game’s systems and a bit of fresh perspective, I thought it might be about time for a second look at this unfairly maligned character class. Continue reading ‘Strategy Session – Dragonica Online: Addendum’ »

Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part IV

Probably the most heavily populated class in Dragonica Online, Thieves sport high agility, good critical rates and evasion, balanced out by some spectacular fragility and a somewhat single-minded playstyle. Thieves can be promoted to Tricksters, which focus on pure offense and area of effect attacks, or Assassins, a more balanced class that incorporates the blocking and evasion abilities of Knights while still maintaining a powerful offense. Continue reading ‘Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part IV’ »

Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part III

This week, we’ll be taking a look at the fastest class available on Dragonica Online; the Archer. The Archer is a bit of an odd bird, combining high movement speed and agility with extremely long cooldown for their most powerful attacks. Archers split off into the mechanically-inclined Ranger and the Hunter, which focuses more on animal-based area of effect attacks. Rangers tend to have more raw power and pack some unusual attacks, but Hunters, who are better able to deal with large groups of foes, tend to be more popular. Continue reading ‘Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part III’ »

Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part II

After some minor techincal problems, the Strategy Session returns! We’re continuing our look at Dragonica Online this week with a look at the Magician class, possibly the most diverse and frankly bizarre job class available in this game. Magicians split off into the offensive Battlemage and the supposedly defensive Priest class, but both secondary classes have some impressive damage production and can be played a variety of ways. Continue reading ‘Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part II’ »

Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part I

With Dragonica Online going into full release next week, we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a strategic look at the classes available in this MMO. We’ll be starting off by taking a look at the Warrior class and its first two promotions, the defensive Knight and the bruising Gladiator. This class is a little disadvantaged when it comes to the bare mechanics of the game, but it can still be quite useful and powerful with the right setup. Continue reading ‘Strategy Session – Dragonica Online, Part I’ »

Dragonica Online – Staff Review

Dragonica Online is a very solidly designed game which is unfortunately marred by some of the same issues that have plagued other free to play MMOs for years now. It offers arcade-style beat-‘em-up combat that makes the game genuinely entertaining to play, and provides a wealth of activities for players who are interested in more than mindless grinding, but it also has some significant issues with its level curve, as well as some unpleasant balance issues. On the whole, Dragonica Online is a good choice for those looking for an unusual and active online game, but it doesn’t deal with the pacing issues unique to online gaming any better than most free to play MMOs. Continue reading ‘Dragonica Online – Staff Review’ »