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Dragon’s Dogma Expansion Dated and Detailed

The expansion for Dragon’s Dogma, titled Dark Arisen will see a late April release worldwide: April 23 for North America, 25 for Europe, and 26 for Japan. US versions ring up at $39.99, with European ones at €29.99 / £19.99 and the Japanese version at 4990 yen.

Among the usual expansion bonuses – new areas, new missions, new enemies – Dark Arisen will include the full base game with purchase. Additionally, some improvements are planned to the core game, notably to menus and travel in general; details on those were not provided at this time.

Source: Gematsu

Dragon’s Dogma Expansion Coming in 2013

Capcom has announced an expansion for Dragon’s Dogma, entitled Dark Arisen. Little is yet known about the additional content, other than it’s planned to release sometime in 2013. Additionally, Capcom is adding gameplay modes to the base content: Hard mode predictably cranks up the difficulty, while Speedrun Mode rewards players who finish the game under a certain time limit.

Source: Joystiq