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Resonance of Fate – Staff Review

Far in the future, the world has decayed. Toxins have poisoned the air and water, and the Earth’s axis has warped. Unable to adapt to these changes, humans were slowly dying out as a species. Those lucky enough to survive created Basel, a giant machine beneath the earth designed to repair the environment, while also doubling as the only area able to sustain human life. It is here that Resonance of Fate takes place.

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Resonance of Fate Soundtrack Sampler

Sega has updated the official site for Resonance of Fate with two songs from the soundtrack, free for download. The tracks, “The Beginning of Eternity” and “Resonance of Fate,” can be found under the multimedia section here.

Out already in Japan, Resonance of Fate is due for a March 16 release in North America, with a European release to follow on March 26.

Resonance of Fate’s Days Until Release Are Numbered

Over the weekend, Sega and tri-Ace announced their upcoming RPG Resonance of Fate will be hitting shelves March 16. For reference, that’s one week after the release of Final Fantasy XIII. Just throwing that out there.

2010’s been a busy year for gaming so far, hasn’t it?

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Get Fabulous in Resonance of Fate Via In-Game Boutique

Upcoming tri-Ace joint Resonance of Fate will allow players to customize the look of their characters. An in-game store provides options for outfits as well as hair and eye color. Multiple options are available for party members, and these changes will persist for combat and cutscenes.

Resonance of Fate is out now in Japan as End of Eternity. The game will reach North American stores this March.

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Mass Media 01/28/10

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Mass Media 01/20/10

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Mass Media 12/16/09

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Mass Media 11/28/09

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Mass Media 11/12/09

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Not So Mass Media 10/24/09

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Mass Media 08/28/09

In this episode: Roy Brown is the man. I wish I could rewind time back to E3 so I could shake someone at Bethesda’s hand for introducing me to this golden-voiced king amongst men. That and ask them to de-nerf Colonel Autumn’s laser pistol. Oh well… there’s always mods, I guess.

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Gamers Find Resonance of Fate’s Lack of English Disturbing

The upcoming Sega/Tri-Ace RPG Resonance of Fate will not feature a full English voice track. Sega localization producer Jun Yoshino states that the game will have language options, but some lines for the English option will be left as text-only to minimize the delay between Japanese and western releases. Apparently, not doing some of the work means less work is needed.

Resonance of Fate is scheduled for a winter 2009 release in Japan, with the western versions hitting US and European markets early in 2010.

Source: Siliconera.

Resonance of Fate Release: Europe and North America Ordered to Share

One made the 32X, one’s responsible for the Dinner Dance. They’re cops.

Ahem. Sega and Tri-Ace have announced that their upcoming sci-fi RPG Resonance of Fate will hit European and North American markets simultaneously. Jun Yoshino, localization producer for Sega Europe, further stated that the release gap between the Japanese and western markets “will be as small as possible.” Resonance of Fate is slated for a fourth quarter release in Japan, with the EU/NA release sometime next year.

Source: Videogamer

Mass Media 07/02/09

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Mass Media 05/16/09

Y’know, Jackie Chan can star in the worst movie imaginable, but it would still be worth it for the blooper reel and at least one of the fight scenes. Who Am I? is just epic. But, I ramble. Today we’ve got some A Witch’s Tale, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, Ragnarok Online DS, and Resonance of Fate. Get ’em hot, get ’em here: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/16/09’ »

End of Eternity Changes Name, Comes to Town

Sega of America and Sega of Europe have announced that Tri-Ace’s End of Eternity will be crossing the Pacific as Resonance of Fate. The game is due out in spring 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Mass Media 04/11/09

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Eternity Not So Eternal Says Tri-Ace

In a move surprising move, Tri-Ace announced this week via Famitsu that it would be teaming up with Sega (rather than Square Enix) to publish its latest RPG, End of Eternity. Continue reading ‘Eternity Not So Eternal Says Tri-Ace’ »