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Exstreta Announced for PS Vita and 3DS

Developer FuRyu, known for Unchained Blades, is now working on a curious fantasy RPG titled Exstreta, where modern Toyko has somehow been fused together with another world called Amazia. Protagonist Ryouma Narusawa is believed by this new world’s inhabitants to be a Prisma, which is predictably the only one who can save both worlds from destruction. Less predictably, this involves the absorbtion of energy called “Ex” from enemies, which can either be used for miraculous acts or dispersed to Knights of Prisma (his allies) by kissing them.

Yeah, I got nothing, folks. Anyhow, Exstreta is set for an October 17 release in Japan, priced at 6,279 yen at retail.

Source: Gematsu