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What Happened This Week – The Future Makes People Stupid

Nothing like a dark and stormy night after a nice, warm Sunday.  Welcome back, people!  Hope you’re not too busy with last week’s offerings, because it’s time to recap the news, with a musical interlude reproduced by yours truly that originates from Get Your War On. In today’s episode:

  • PopCap Games plans to go public, with Zynga, Facebook, etc. to follow.  Gee, you think this bubble will protect us from all those pins lying around up ahead?
  • China makes its own backed-by-the-army shooter, much like America’s Army but with US troops as enemies.  Also with blackjack and hookers.  In fact, forget the shooter.
  • Sony’s ongoing hacking woes, compounded by Howard Stringer ripping stuff from the movie Sneakers.  Someone get that man a Netflix account!
  • Microsoft 360 update risks bricking consoles, after initial confusion as to which update it is.   It’s okay, the people behind Windows know what they’re… oh god.  Oh god.
  • Sony announces plan to convert some PSP titles to the PS3.  See, now we’re getting somewhere.  Also, Jesus loves Valkyria Chronicles and so should you.
  • Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid art director Yoji Shinkawa have a dinner meeting.  With Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.  So… yeah.
  • Bad developer lists, used market scapegoating, Fox News being silly, and so much more!

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Semi-Mass Media 02/24/11

Just in case you need some imagery to go with your announcements, we have a few shots of Traitor’s Keep fresh out of the oven. Each serving comes with a free side of Devil Survivor Overclocked too. C’mon, dig in! Continue reading ‘Semi-Mass Media 02/24/11’ »

Bevy of Fable III News: DLC, PC Port, and Coin Golf

Courtesy of Lionhead’s official blog comes a hefty chunk of Fable III news.  For starters, the first set of DLC, dubbed Traitor’s Keep, will be available starting March 1 for 560 MS funbucks.  Little else is known other than it will feature three new levels – Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate – and involve the player “encountering a mysterious prisoner.”

Additionally, a PC port of Fable III was part of this announcement.  Due out on May 17, the PC version will include a unique Hardcore Mode that ratchets the difficulty even higher.  And last was the reveal of Fable Coin Golf, a minigame of sorts which both lets you transfer money earned into Fable III and unlocks unique weapons in Traitor’s Keep.

DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas

For games that start with F, the DLC keeps on coming.  Details have been released for both Fable III, with content released today, and Fallout New Vegas‘s upcoming Dead Money: Continue reading ‘DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas’ »

Mass Media vos Qwib-Qwib 08/18/10

Not So Mass Media 08/10/10

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Not So Mass Media 08/04/10

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Mass Media 08/01/10

Mass Effect has the worst item management system ever. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/01/10’ »

E3 Media 06/17/10

More new screens out of E3, featuring, Atelier Rorona, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Fable III, and Trinity Universe.
Oh and don’t worry, Slayer’s not dead. I promise I didn’t kill him with an overload of Nintendo E3 media yesterday or anything like that.

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Fable III Gets Collector’s Edition, PC Release Confirmation

In an update on their official blog, Lionhead revealed that Fable III will launch on the PC alongside the 360 version, with both due out this holiday season.  Apart from retail outlets, the game will be available for download through Games for Windows Live.  Additionally, the 360 version will have a Limited Collector’s Edition costing $79.99, which includes an exclusive quest and location, a set of Fable III playing cards, a guild seal coin, a unique outfit for each gender, and a new dog breed.

The LCE has not been confirmed for PC, though Windows players will have access to downloadable content.

Fable III: Get to Know Your Co-op Partner, If You Know What I Mean

A preview of the upcoming Fable III was featured in the Official Xbox Magazine released over the weekend. Among the other bits and pieces discussed was one extremely curious new feature, that being the ability to get airquotes-intimate with another player over co-op. This includes having and raising a child down the line, possibly ruling the kingdom as king and queen, and piping in Barry White at opportune moments over voice chat.

In a related story, the non-existent website Days Since Fox News Complained About Video Games has announced that it is ready to roll its counter back to zero. Its sister fake site, Days Since Someone Referenced Robes and Wizard Hats, issued a statement that it plans to do the same.

Source: OXM UK

Mass Media 03/17/10

SlayerGhaleon: Incidentally, my reaction to hearing Sazh’s theme the first time:
SlayerGhaleon: “Hey, you got Cowboy Bebop in my Final Fantasy!”
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Peter Molyneux Adds Butler to Fable III

Because a few players didn’t realize they could change their character’s clothes in Fable II in spite of all the obvious cues in the game, Peter Molyneux has added a butler to Fable III to help them out with their wardrobes. Unlike the mostly-useless butler of Fable II who wouldn’t even fetch a cup of hot Earl Grey, this butler will guide the player through a walk-in closet space and assist him or her in choosing appropriate garments for different occasions.

Molyneux also announced that the butler will be voiced by John Cleese of Monty Python fame. However, he did not say whether this butler would be in charge of the character’s silly walks.

Source: Kotaku

Lionhead Studios Seeks Suggestions for Fable III Merchandise

Lionhead Studios recently asked its fans via its Facebook page for suggestions for Fable III merchandise. The survey is very simple and it only suggests standard items like apparel, books, mugs, toys, and a collector’s edition of the game. It also has a space for survey-takers to type in their own ideas. The actual Facebook post, however, suggests Fable III “branded condoms.”

Fable III Details: Hold Hands, Morph Weapons, and Live Like a King

At Microsoft’s X10 event, Peter Molyneux revealed that Fable III will feature three major changes from previous entries to the series: in-game touching, your weapon morphing along with your character, and the challenges of ruling a kingdom. Continue reading ‘Fable III Details: Hold Hands, Morph Weapons, and Live Like a King’ »

Not So Mass Media 02/14/10

Star Ocean The Last Hope International is heading towards 8/10 territory. Continue reading ‘Not So Mass Media 02/14/10’ »

Lionhead Studios Announces Fable II Episodes, Fable III

Peter Molyneux announced a slew of Fable news today at the Microsoft press conference at Gamescom in Germany.

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