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Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road – Staff Review

It all comes down to this: Courier vs. Courier, Trouble in the Rubble, the Exchange on the Interchange. Lonesome Road starts with no fanfare other than questions lingering since Fallout New Vegas began. Ulysses, the original courier slated to deliver the fateful Platinum Chip, offers you nothing more than the reason he turned down the job. The Road itself offers more, from the usual DLC bonuses to a suitably epic climax, guest starring a friendly face from the Mojave. While the content certainly has its high points, it commits you to a linear slugfest and short-changes the narrative where it should have put the most effort. It’s engaging in the beginning, but for content that promised answers it’s not well prepared to give them. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road – Staff Review’ »

Lonesome Road, Weapon Pack DLCs Announced for New Vegas

Straight from Bethesda’s official blog comes the release date for the final planned DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Lonesome Road will go live on all platforms starting September 20, taking players into the storm-wracked Divide in search of the original Courier Six and long-awaited answers.

Bethesda also announced add-on weapon and equipment packs, to be released the following week on the 27th. The Courier’s Stash gives players access to content bundles previously limited to pre-order bonuses: Caravan, Mercenary, Classic, and Tribal Packs, each with their own sets of gear. Gun Runner’s Arsenal throws in several unique weapons, mods, ammo types, and crafting recipes. Courier’s Stash is priced at 160 MS funbucks/$1.99 on PSN and Steam, while the Arsenal costs 320 MSP/$3.99.

What Happened This Week – Mr. Keynes’ Wild Ride

Come one, come all, we got all the news you have time for and then some! Well, okay more like all the news I can squeeze into a 15-minute podcast. And, well, actually it’s more like news and analysis and WHATEVER YOU’RE NOT THE POLICE OF ME!

In today’s cavity-fighting* episode:

  • Minecraft studio Mojang, which I took a stab at pronouncing, finds itself sued by ZeniMax over use of the word “Scrolls.”  I wish I were joking, and so does Bethesda.
  • Someone looks to hand Rovio a fat sack of cash for purposes yet unknown.  Who could benefit from Rovio owing them money?  Oh, where to begin.
  • 3DS analysis: Reggie discusses where it stumbled and the plan for going forward.  Yeah, who among us could have predicted that launching without Zelda could be a problem?
  • Meanwhile, Sony refuses to blink in reaction to the 3DS price cut.  All they have to do is not run stupid advertising.  How hard could it be, right?  …guys?
  • Reggie also makes passing mention of “watching what happens in Europe” when asked about Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower.  Deliberate troll or accidental?  You decide!
  • What doesn’t worry me: Lonesome Road‘s delay.  What does: the possibility of being unable to convey my confusion over whatever Ulysses’ deal is.
  • As promised last week, I offer a semi-postmortem on the recent market insanity and what lies in store for us down the road.  Bottom line, brace yourselves and get popcorn.

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FNV Lonesome Road DLC Delayed Past August

As many Couriers are aware, the final planned DLC for Fallout New Vegas was originally slated to release back in July. In a post on the official forums, senior producer Jason Bergman stated that “due to circumstances beyond our control, Lonesome Road won’t be out this month.” The team is reportedly working to release it ASAP, but no timeframe was given.

Source: Joystiq

Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced and Detailed

Care of Bethesda’s blog comes details about three sets of upcoming Fallout New Vegas DLC, along with release dates. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced and Detailed’ »