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Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced: Dead Money

Barely a month into release, Bethesda has just announced the first downloadable content for Fallout New Vegas.  Dubbed Dead Money, the DLC will find players burned by a deal gone bad.  Partnered with three other captured wastelanders, players must pull off a daring heist, the goal being the treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino.

Dead Money will be available via Xbox Live starting December 21, at the price of 800 MS funbucks.  PS3 and PC availability was not mentioned in the press release, which can be read in its entirety here.

Fallout New Vegas (PC) – Staff Review #2

Man, where to even begin?  Let’s start with big.  Fallout New Vegas is mind-bogglingly big, easily outpacing Fallout 3 in terms of content.  With the hard work of engine development out of the way, Obsidian was free to expand on the template Bethesda provided; a long-awaited homecoming for many of the original Fallout developers.  The team clearly didn’t hold back, and there’s enough game here to overwhelm even the most industrious player.  While the results aren’t quite perfect, New Vegas is a clear improvement in most respects and easily one of the best RPGs this year. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas (PC) – Staff Review #2’ »

Fallout: New Vegas – Staff Review

Taking place in the ruins and area surrounding Las Vegas this time, the aptly named Fallout: New Vegas gives players a bit of a different experience from Fallout 3 while still keeping the same Fallout charm. Continue reading ‘Fallout: New Vegas – Staff Review’ »

Bethesda Announces Fallout New Vegas Voices

In an update on their official blog, Bethesda revealed more of the voice talent and their roles for the upcoming Fallout New VegasContinue reading ‘Bethesda Announces Fallout New Vegas Voices’ »

Fallout New Vegas E3 Impression

We got some hands-on time with Fallout New Vegas, as each of us applied our respective talents to various aspects of the game: Jordan did the talking, Derek did the looting, and I smacked a dude with a five-iron. Obsidian’s Chris Avellone was on hand to answer questions about things we didn’t have time to test. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas E3 Impression’ »

Fallout New Vegas – Developer Interview

I sat down with Jason Fader, technical producer for Fallout New Vegas to ask him some questions about the upcoming game. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas – Developer Interview’ »

Fallout New Vegas Given New Trailer, Release Date

The good folks at Bethesda have released a new Fallout New Vegas trailer for E3. Amongst other things, it reveals the game’s release date, which is October 19th of this year.

You can count on a review shortly thereafter, as Karl, Cortney, Xero and myself will all be playing it immediately upon launch.

Bethesda Announces E3 Lineup

With E3 coming up in a few weeks, Bethesda has announced the lineup of games it intends to show at its booth. Among the short list is Fallout: New Vegas. This is no surprise as the game is expected to be released later this year.

RandomNPC will be there bringing you the latest coverage from the show floor. We’ll do our best to bring you all the Fallout: New Vegas news allowed by our carry weight limits.

Mass Media 05/13/10

I accept dehands. Or is it defeat? Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/13/10’ »

Bethesda Unveils Fallout: New Vegas CE Goodies, Wants Your Questions

Coming straight from Bethesda’s blog, the contents of the Collector’s Edition for Fallout: New Vegas have been revealed. In a move sure to delight the six people that dumped their stat points all into luck, the CE keeps the gambling theme and contains the following: Continue reading ‘Bethesda Unveils Fallout: New Vegas CE Goodies, Wants Your Questions’ »

Fallout: New Vegas Features Hardcore Mode, Gun Mods, Notoriety

More details have come out regarding some of Fallout: New Vegas‘s features, and some will look rather familiar to followers of the Fallout 3 modding community. Of particular note: Continue reading ‘Fallout: New Vegas Features Hardcore Mode, Gun Mods, Notoriety’ »

Bethesda Releases Teaser for Fallout: New Vegas

In a press release today, Bethesda announced the launch of their first teaser for Fallout: New Vegas, the Fallout 3 spinoff in development by Obsidian. As is often the case with teasers, little about the game proper was revealed, though a cutaway shot offered a glimpse of a surprisingly well lit Las Vegas strip. The teaser in its entirety can be found on Bethesda’s Fallout homepage.

New Vegas is confirmed for the PC, 360, and PlayStation 3 platforms, with a release planned for fall of this year.

Bethesda Says What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

At a press conference in London, Bethesda announced the next game in the Fallout series will be Fallout New Vegas. So far, we know that it is not a sequel to Fallout 3 but is instead just another game in the same universe that will have similar gameplay. Bethesda is working with Obsidian Entertainment to bring the title to the 360, PS3, and PC. More details have been promised soon.

Source: Kotaku