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What Happened This Week – Pre-E3 Warmup With Electronic Old Men

Mandatory viewing for all Deus Ex fans.

Howdy folks!  Getting busy around here before E3, but we still have time to wrap up the news. Let’s break it down:

  • Groupon joins Zynga, PopCap, etc. in preparing to go public, despite not actually making a profit.  We should make a drinking game out of this.
  • A huge preview build for Deus Ex: Human Revolution got leaked to the internet.  To everyone’s surprise, nobody minds.  File that under “did not see coming.”
  • Interplay teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, as they seemingly have for years now.  But don’t worry, Fallout Online is gonna be here any day now!
  • Dueling digital distribution services: Gamestop automatically charges for re-downloading “insurance,” which its competitors give away for free…
  • …while EA launches its own DD network coincidentally named after one of the studios it absorbed.  Oooh, awk~waaard.
  • E3 pre-conference projections: Nintendo’s new hardware, Sony’s image problem, and Microsoft’s Kinect… stuff.

In addition we have some late-breaking news that didn’t make it into the recording: NPR and reported that not only was Nintendo hacked, but they were hacked by the same group that’s been plaguing Sony recently.  No data was stolen in the Nintendo hack, but the group, calling itself Lulz Security, has claimed responsibility for an attack on Sony Pictures that resulted in a million more users’ personal information.

From where I sit there’s actually a fairly clear line between exposing a company’s lackluster security procedures – which Sony is clearly guilty of – and releasing sensitive information for all to see.  The second Robin Hood starts shooting random people and telling them to blame the authorities for failing to protect them, he’s lost the argument.  I don’t see the Nintendo hack changing the game much, although I’d put money down that these ongoing hacks are going to draw more attention than LulzSec might like.  Much as it pains me to admit, life isn’t Shadowrun, and when the feds come knocking the game’s pretty much over.

And now, on with the actual episode.  Enjoy!

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Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts – Staff Review

Between what’s in the Fallout bible and what made it to the games, it’s easy to forget how much of Fallout‘s established world remains unexplored. Enter Honest Hearts, a slice of post-war tribal politics aimed at filling in a few of New Vegas‘ blanks. The content doesn’t quite have a strong narrative thrust, and Zion National Park, though pretty, is lacking for environmental diversity. Still, it’s backed by some very interesting elements that tie smartly into the larger picture, and, more importantly, is more of what New Vegas did right: room to explore, people to deal with, and choices to make. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts – Staff Review’ »

Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced and Detailed

Care of Bethesda’s blog comes details about three sets of upcoming Fallout New Vegas DLC, along with release dates. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced and Detailed’ »

Fallout New Vegas Patch Notes Revealed

Bethesda’s Jason Bergman was kind enough to list the changes in the Fallout New Vegas patch, currently available for the PC with the 360 and PS3 versions to follow. In addition to optimizations and stability improvements, the patch makes several balance adjustments.  The list is as follows, courtesy of Bethesda’s official forums: Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas Patch Notes Revealed’ »

What Happened This Week – The Industry Drives People to Binge Drinking

Happy Easter, folks!  The news doesn’t take holidays, however, so here’s what’s new and exciting:

  • A reading from the Book of Royko: the proper way to deal with a hangover.  Sony is gonna need this.  And speaking of which…
  • Sony’s PSN shutdown continues for as-yet unexplained reasons.  Valve cannot possibly be amused by this.
  • Ironically, the PSP Go quietly slips out the back during this same time.  With the PSN down, it shall not be missed.
  • More Wii 2 specs: screens on controllers, Radeon hardware in the box, and a potential price range.  And the crowd falls silent.
  • Very Serious People say Nintendo is doooooooomed! because it doesn’t sell games for $0.99.  Yeah, I’m not seeing it either.
  • Obsidian lays off a few New Vegas personnel.  Speculation abounds on what this means and what Obsidian does best.  Hint: more Bethsidian Fallout please.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution devs respond to fans, the ESRB launches a machine to do their job for them, and so much more!

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Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money – Staff Review

Last year’s Fallout New Vegas lived up to the series’ pedigree in many important ways, not all of them to its credit. But no one can accuse Obsidian of not knowing how to plot, and even in a crowded field Vegas easily gave other story-heavy RPGs a run for their money. Dead Money is their first step into DLC territory, essentially playing as its own separate game that just happens to use your character. Minor, but frequent nuisances are determined to hobble the experience, yet beyond that are real moments of ingenuity that even Vegas didn’t pull off. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money – Staff Review’ »

What Happened This Week – BioWare Should Have Bribed the Bouncer

Howdy-ho everybody, and welcome back to What Happened This Week!  Our topics this time include:

  • Fallout New Vegas DLC finally leaves the 360, begging the question of the whole point of timed exclusives.
  • The Writer’s Guild of America picks Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for best videogame writing.  You’ll be surprised who was (and wasn’t) on the list.
  • Fox News picks a fight with Bulletstorm and cherry-picks responses to blame it for moral decay in our youth.  The sky is also still blue.
  • The future editor of the Washington Post will need a stern talking-to from the Space Pope.
  • DICE conference rumors abound, Dragon Age 2 goes gold, and Guitar Hero goes bye-bye.

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PC, PS3 to Receive Late Payment of Dead Money, More DLC Coming to New Vegas

Via its official blog, Bethesda has announced that PC and PS3 players will finally be able to grab Dead Money, the first DLC for Fallout New Vegas, on February 22. The company also revealed that they will release three more DLC packs. These packs “will launch simultaneously” on all three platforms.

Fallout New Vegas DLC Trailer: Dead Money

As if Fallout fans needed further incentive to pick up more of New Vegas, here is the trailer for the recently released Dead Money, courtesy of YouTube.

At present, the DLC is available only for the 360.  Although Fallout 3 DLCs were timed exclusives, no information has been given about when or whether Dead Money will be available on PC and PS3.

DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas

For games that start with F, the DLC keeps on coming.  Details have been released for both Fable III, with content released today, and Fallout New Vegas‘s upcoming Dead Money: Continue reading ‘DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas’ »

Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced: Dead Money

Barely a month into release, Bethesda has just announced the first downloadable content for Fallout New Vegas.  Dubbed Dead Money, the DLC will find players burned by a deal gone bad.  Partnered with three other captured wastelanders, players must pull off a daring heist, the goal being the treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino.

Dead Money will be available via Xbox Live starting December 21, at the price of 800 MS funbucks.  PS3 and PC availability was not mentioned in the press release, which can be read in its entirety here.

Fallout New Vegas (PC) – Staff Review #2

Man, where to even begin?  Let’s start with big.  Fallout New Vegas is mind-bogglingly big, easily outpacing Fallout 3 in terms of content.  With the hard work of engine development out of the way, Obsidian was free to expand on the template Bethesda provided; a long-awaited homecoming for many of the original Fallout developers.  The team clearly didn’t hold back, and there’s enough game here to overwhelm even the most industrious player.  While the results aren’t quite perfect, New Vegas is a clear improvement in most respects and easily one of the best RPGs this year. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas (PC) – Staff Review #2’ »

Fallout 3 – Staff Review #2

The controversial successor to a short yet venerable gaming dynasty, Fallout 3 generated a lot of backlash amongst older fans. Frankly, there’s a lot of wiggle room as to whether or not Fallout 3 constitutes a worthy sequel (whatever that means) to the Fallout series. The combat system has been changed from an almost tactical turn-based affair to a first person shooter with a sort-of-kind-of turn based option, and the mainline plot is very inflexible, both aspects previously considered hallmarks of the series. However, by not relying too heavily on established conventions, Fallout 3 pushes itself further towards being a stand-alone title, which allows it far more creative freedom. Continue reading ‘Fallout 3 – Staff Review #2’ »

Fallout Online to Launch in 2012

Fallout Online will launch in the second half of 2012, according to Interplay president Eric Caen.  Speaking with Edge Magazine, Caen confirmed that the game’s beta will begin in 2012, with the retail version to come later that same year.  Although he gave few details about the current state of the game, he remarked that “Even in January 2009, you were already able to move across the world.”   It was also stated that combat would be a small portion of the game, and a large amount of gameplay would center around rebuilding the post-nuclear world.

Although he didn’t say much about Bethesda’s take on the series – or the ongoing legal issues between Interplay and Bethesda – he did comment that Interplay was following Bethesda’s installments, and that Fallout Online would go in another, less serious direction from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Source: Eurogamer

Fallout: New Vegas – Staff Review

Taking place in the ruins and area surrounding Las Vegas this time, the aptly named Fallout: New Vegas gives players a bit of a different experience from Fallout 3 while still keeping the same Fallout charm. Continue reading ‘Fallout: New Vegas – Staff Review’ »

Bethesda Announces Fallout New Vegas Voices

In an update on their official blog, Bethesda revealed more of the voice talent and their roles for the upcoming Fallout New VegasContinue reading ‘Bethesda Announces Fallout New Vegas Voices’ »

Fallout Online Opens Registration for Newsletter, Beta Access

Interplay has launched the official Fallout Online website, located here, which opens with the option to register for the game’s official newsletter.  Those who register are fast-tracked for access to the open beta, whose date has not yet been announced.

Fallout New Vegas E3 Impression

We got some hands-on time with Fallout New Vegas, as each of us applied our respective talents to various aspects of the game: Jordan did the talking, Derek did the looting, and I smacked a dude with a five-iron. Obsidian’s Chris Avellone was on hand to answer questions about things we didn’t have time to test. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas E3 Impression’ »

Fallout New Vegas – Developer Interview

I sat down with Jason Fader, technical producer for Fallout New Vegas to ask him some questions about the upcoming game. Continue reading ‘Fallout New Vegas – Developer Interview’ »

Fallout Online Now Accepting Beta Applications

In a move sure to surprise some of the lawyers involved with the controversy surrounding this game, Interplay announced that Fallout Online will be accepting Beta applications starting immediately. Head on over to the game’s official site and take a look.

Fallout Online has been at the center of a legal dispute between Interplay and Bethseda for a while now, with suits and countersuits calling the eventual release of the game into question. In fact, Interplay previously announced that it would be attempting a Beta in 2012, making this announcement all the more surprising.