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EffEffstraveganza: FF Agito XIII Renamed, Versus XIII Trailer Revealed

Among the many, many things to come out during Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Premier event was long-awaited Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Versus XIII news. Continue reading ‘EffEffstraveganza: FF Agito XIII Renamed, Versus XIII Trailer Revealed’ »

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Plot Pieces and Battle Info

New information on Final Fantasy Agito XIII has surfaced. The world is guarded by four gods, Red Sparrow Suzaku, Blue Dragon Seiryu, White Tiger Byakko and Black Turtle Genbu, who oversee the four main continents. The storyline follows a group of students who have formed a rebellion against invading armies. The game features a real time battle system, and boasts a summoning card system, in which you collect cards to summon popular and familiar creatures to fight for you, such as Odin. Up to three players can connect and play via ad-hoc (local wireless) and infrastructure (wi-fi) mode.

Source: The Magic Box