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E3 Media 06/17/10

If Nintendo wants me to buy Ocarina of Time again they’ll insert a dating sim option with Malon. Continue reading ‘E3 Media 06/17/10’ »

E3 Impressions – Final Fantasy: 4 Warriors of Light

THQ doesn’t publish RPGs. Thus, I can accept this XBox 360 I just won at their booth with no question to my jounalistic integrity. Here’s a super-cute Final Fantasy game. Continue reading ‘E3 Impressions – Final Fantasy: 4 Warriors of Light’ »

Square Enix Sends 4 Heroes to North America

Square Enix unveiled the official North American website for Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light along with its North American release date of October 5. For now, the site is just a simple page with artwork and some screenshots, but a full site is coming soon.

Mass Media 10/30/09

SlayerGhaleon tapes piece of paper over his sleeping pills
SlayerGhaleon writes “Vicodin, Prescribed to: Gregory House” on it
Roku-lab: heh

Halloween is a fun time of year. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10/30/09’ »

Mass Media 10/22/09

This media update brought to you in part by our good friend the pigeon. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10/22/09’ »

Four Warriors’ Adventure to Begin in Japan by Halloween

Unfortunately, the Japanese don’t really celebrate Halloween, but Final Fantasy fans will be able to celebrate the arrival of Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light.  Square Enix has announced that the game will grace Japanese shelves on October 29th.  Touted as harking back to the good ol’ days of RPGs, Four Warriors of Light follows the adventures of the young man Brand as he goes on a quest to save a princess and eventually the world.

Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light Shows Off Shiny New Hats

According to Famitsu, Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light will have something of a fashion statement to make.  As we previously reported, the newest Final Fantasy has modified the series staple Job System, renaming it the Crown System.  In this system players can equip their party members with different headgear to give them different skills.  There will be over 20 different types of headgear, including a knight’s helm, black and white mage hats, a monk bandana, and hats for vagrants and playboys.  Each different piece of headgear will change the appearance of the character’s sprite.

Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light is set to go on sale for the NDS in Japan sometime this coming Fall.

Light Finally Shines on Final Fantasy Gaiden

A little over a week ago Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light, a brand new Final Fantasy game for the NDS.  Now they have decided to shine those warriors’ light on a few details for the game.

Firstly, the development team for the NDS versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV is the one to get the nod to work on the game.  Accordingly, the battle system for Final Fantasy Gaiden may look familiar to some, as it will be very similar to the one used for Final Fantasy III for the NDS, with players choosing commands from a grid on the bottom screen with their touch-pens.  Another familiar feature will be the “crown system,” a modified version of the job system common to the Final Fantasy series.