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Final Fantasies I Through III to be Novelized

While Square Enix had everyone’s attention, they announced that Final Fantasy I, II, and III would see novelizations, each under the tentative subtitle Memory of Heroes. The books are planned for a Fall release, and, sadly, will probably not feature an all white mage party or warmech.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 02/27/10

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Mass Media 01/27/10

Final Fantasy I & II Headed to iPhone, iPod Touch

Square Enix is offering iPhone and iPod Touch owners a chance to play two of the rarest Final Fantasy titles…

What’s that? Final Fantasy I & II have been previously ported to other platforms, including the PSP and the GBA? Oh. Well.

The announcement, which was made via Square Enix DLG’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, did not include a release date. The official site only says that the games will be “available soon on the App Store.”

Final Fantasy II Now Available on PSN in Japan

The PS1 remake of Final Fantasy II is now available through Japanese PSN accounts, at the cost of 600 yen ($6.48 US as of today, according to the first currency converter Google could provide). Although it lacks the bonus dungeons from both the GBA and PSP versions, it does feature new sprites and FMV sequences.

Source: Siliconera