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FFIV Available on Game Archives

The Playstation version of Final Fantasy IV has just been added to Sony’s Game Archive service, available on PS3 and PSP for the price of ¥1,200.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection — Staff Review

Final Fantasy is a series well known for its ports and remakes, but out of the series, one game stands above them all as one of the most frequently remade games of all time.  Final Fantasy IV has seen six iterations over the years appearing on the SNES, PlayStation, WonderSwan Color, GameBoy Advance, the Nintendo DS, and finally the PSP as Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.  Along with an updated Final Fantasy IV, players will also get Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and a new mini-story titled Final Fantasy IV: Interlude which helps slightly to tie the two main games together.  It’s a lot of game in a very small package, so the question becomes is there still life in Final Fantasy IV? Continue reading ‘Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection — Staff Review’ »

Mass Media 04/05/11

You didn’t think you’d get through this week without some media, did you? If you said no, great. If you said yes, I’m hurt. Deeply. But enough babbling, here’s what we have: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, Disgaea 4, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Final Fantasy III iPod, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, Gloria Union, Gungnir: Mayari no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou, R.P.G. Mode, Sekai Yuusha, and Tales of Xillia. Have at it!

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Mass Media 03/29/11

Gooooood evening! We interrupt your regularly scheduled browsing for some media, with which you can resume browsing. So it’s less an interruption and more a supplement, really. Or, something. Whatever. Anyway, here’s what we have today: Atelier Meruru, Dissidia 012 Duodecim, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Final Fantasy III iPod, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, Gungnir: Mayari no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou, Moon Driver, and Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

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Mass Media 03/01/11

Who said March could get here already? Stop making me feel old, 2011! With that said, it’s time for some media: Cladun 2, Final Fantasy III iPod, Final Fantasy IV Complete, Gungnir, Oz Chronicle, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, RPG Maker X, SD Gundam G Generation World, Shining Hearts, and Tales of Xillia. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 03/01/11’ »

3rd Birthday, FFIV Collection Coming to North America This Spring

Square Enix has announced that The 3rd Birthday will go on sale in North America on March 29. This version of the game will feature the voice acting talents of Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck and Mass Effect 2 and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

The company also recently revealed that Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will be available this spring.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack II: Hyper Turbo Edition Revealed

The much-talked-about Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection will be getting an Ultimate Pack.  Apart from the PSP version of the game and The After Years, said pack will throw in an official guide book, artbook, and bonus soundtrack called “Final Fantasy IV The After Years Sounds Plus.”  Marked at an asking price of ¥9,445, the regular and Ultimate versions of the Complete Collection will hit Japanese stores starting March 24.  A US release has not been announced.

Source: andriasang

FFIV Complete Collection Official Site Launched

Square Enix has launched the (currently Japanese only) official site for the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, which is available somewhere in the vicinity of here.  Apart from untranslated information, it also hosts a trailer and some tasty screenshots.

Square Enix Offers Up More Final Fantasy IV

If you’re a die-hard Final Fantasy IV fan like our own Jordan “J_Sensei” Jackson and you feel like can never have too many copies of the game, Square Enix has you covered. Via V-Jump, the company has just announced that Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be packed into one game for the PSP with additional content linking the two stories together. This shiny bundle will be called Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection.

However, this isn’t the classic version of Final Fantasy IV or the DS remake; this version has new graphics with updated effects and character portraits in text boxes. The After Years has updated graphics as well.

Source: Siliconera

Final Fantasy II (NA) Lands on Virtual Console

Final Fantasy II (NA), also known as Final Fantasy IV, arrived on Nintendo’s Virtual Console this week ready to renew nostalgia and the confusion over the numbering system for North American Final Fantasy titles. Joining Cecil on his epic journey will set you back 800 Wii Points.

New ‘The After Years’ Content: You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet

Square Enix has launched new downloadable content for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Available through WiiWare for 800 Nintendo funbucks, The Crystals follows Rydia and Edge as they try to put the band back together, presumably on a mission from God. Meanwhile, Cecil “confronts Kain, Rosa, and Ceodore inside his castle” as the world is thrown into dire peril.

There is no word as to whether said peril will be easily dispatched by using a glitch to duplicate Excaliburs and having Edge throw them every turn.

Virtual Console in Japan Gets Its Final Fantasy IV On

With The After Years debuting on WiiWare in Japan, Square Enix will be offering Final Fantasy IV on Virtual Console later this month for 900 Wii points. No announcements have been made regarding a US Virtual Console release for FFIV.

Source: Siliconera

Game Changers: Volume 5 – Final Fantasy II/IV

Welcome back to another edition of Game Changers. Last week we looked at EverQuest, the first MMO to really hit it big. This week we look at another game that revolutionized the genre, Final Fantasy IV.
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