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Game Changers: Volume 8 – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Anyone who’s ever tried to purchase vintage cartridge-based games on Ebay will tell you that prices can become hugely inflated based on the perceived popularity and rarity of the game. A hard-to-find SNES game cart can easily surpass its original retail price of fifteen years earlier. Even games that have since been ported can get high in price. For example, Chrono Trigger, which has recently seen its second port, can still go for anywhere from $30-$60 on Ebay. Auctions for Final Fantasy IV, which has been ported or remade a whopping six times, still go up to $20-$30 (or $60 if you’re picky about getting the box and all the maps and inserts). And Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, the first RPG tailor-made for the North American market and which has never been ported, goes for… somewhere between 1$ and $20. Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 8 – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest’ »