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Square Enix Classics Coming to US PSN

With the holiday season underway, Square Enix has announced plans to bring a handful of classic RPGs to the US Playstation Network. Chrono Cross touches down this Tuesday, with Final Fantasy V coming November 22 and Final Fantasy VI behind it on December 6. The two Final Fantasy games are based on the PSOne versions, including the new cinematics.

Source: VG 24/7

FFVI Shows Up On Virtual Console

Of all RPGs, this one probably least needs an introduction. Final Fantasy VI – released stateside as Final Fantasy III, you may recall – has been released on Virtual Console and is now available for $10. Nostalgia sold separately.

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Final Fantasy VI Coming to Japanese PSN

Now there’s a title that needs no introduction. Final Fantasy VI is set to launch on the Japanese PSN next week, although the exact date was not announced and a US release remains out of reach. But at least now another generation of players can experience the joy of pawning the cursed shield quest onto a gullible friend, then taking back over when it’s done.

Uh, not that I would know about that.

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Game Changers: Volume 2 – Final Fantasy III

For those who were playing RPGs in the Super Nintendo era, few would deny that Final Fantasy VI, released in 1994 and known to North Americans at the time as Final Fantasy III, was a remarkable game. Many still cite it as an old favourite. The game featured top-notch sprites, a huge step up from the comparatively diminutive figures in Final Fantasy IV (and V, though most North American didn’t know it at the time). It also had an impressive cast and storyline, and still stands out among Final Fantasy games for not having a single obvious lead character who never leaves the party. Yet there is another tiny addition to the game which was to have a lasting impact on the very way RPG fans play games. That tiny detail, so easily overlooked, is the in-game tutorial. Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 2 – Final Fantasy III’ »