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Square Enix Releases FFXIII/XIII-2 16-Bit Retrospective

In preparation for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII‘s release, Square Enix has taken the… let’s call it atypical step of summarizing the series thus far – in 16-bit form. The eight minute summary/trailer covers the broad-strokes events of XIII and XIII-2, and ends with the worldwide release dates: 2/11 for North America, 2/14 for Europe.

Watch the whole thing here.

Lightning Returns Collector’s Edition Announced

Square Enix has revealed a Collector’s Edition for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Priced at $89.99, the CE adds to the package an 80-page hardcover artbook, a silver embossed pocket watch, and a DLC code for Aeris’ – sorry, Aerith’s – outfit from Final Fantasy VII. The CE will only be available from the Square Enix store, and the game itself comes out on February 11 for North America.

Source: Gematsu

Lightning Returns Japanese Voices Announced as DLC

Square Enix has announced that the Japanese voice track for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available as DLC. After the game’s launch on February 11 in North America and February 14 for Europe, players can download the DLC for free in the following two weeks. Afterward it will be available for an as yet unspecified price.

Source: Gematsu

Belated Mass Media 11-09-13

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Lightning Returns’ Hard Mode, Monster Hunting Detailed

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will reportedly feature a hard mode, accessible after clearing the game. In this elevated difficulty setting, monsters are stronger and drop higher-level abilities, and some items may only be sold in hard mode.

Interestingly, each monster type has a predetermined population which can be whittled down by our protagonist. The last living member of each type will be notably stronger than their mundane counterparts, and they may behave differently as well. Killing a Last One renders the monster type extinct, granting you rare items in the process.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 08/04/13

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Lightning Returns Details: Outfit Customization, Vanille’s Return, and More

At a recent press event, Square Enix unveiled yet more details about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Of particular note are the following:

  • Regarding costumes, Lightning will have various outfits to change into, both from regular gameplay and from preorder bonuses. These include Cloud’s SOLDIER outfit from FFVII, a Miqo’te outfit from FFXIV, Yuna’s summoner getup from FFX, and her previous outfits from XIII and XIII-2. Additionally, players can customize the color set of each outfit.
  • Vanille will make a re-appearance alongside Fang, Snow, and others. Reportedly, a religious group called the “Salvation Council” is providing her with shelter; shelter from what was not specified.
  • Time will be a factor occasionally, with certain quests on a time limit and shop inventories that may change over the course of the game.
  • The game will have only one ending, though a New Game Plus feature is in development.

Source: Gematsu

Lightning Returns Includes Twitter/Facebook Score Uploads

In yet another example of social networking consuming every facet of modern society, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will allow players to upload their SNS boss battle scores to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Friendly reminder: Lightning Returns hits the PS360 on November 21 in Japan, February 11 in North America, and February 13 in Europe.

Source: Gematsu

Lightning Returns Pre-Order Gear Includes Cloud’s Stuff

Continuing in their plan to milk FFVII for all its worth, Square Enix has announced that Cloud Strife’s outfit and signature Buster Sword will be featured as pre-order items for Lightning Returns. Special abilities will be included with the weapon, though they have not been revealed as of yet.

Source: Gematsu

Final Fantasy XIII-2 to Get DLC Collection in Japan

Never a company to leave a re-release unreleased, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will get a pair of new editions later this year. The “Ultimate Hits” version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a standard greatest hits version; the more interesting is the “Digital Contents Selection”, which includes most of the game’s downloadable content: colosseum opponents, costumes, weapons, and the Sazh, Lightning, and Snow episodes.

Both versions will be sold at retail on July 18, priced at 5040 yen for the DLC bundle and 2940 for the Ultimate Hits one.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 03/23/13

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Lightning Returns: Battle System Tidbits, New Costume Designer

Via Famitsu, more details have emerged regarding Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII‘s battle system and character design. In particular, the ATB system will reportedly be a lot busier this time around, and will be used more in the field in place of dashing. Styles can be changed instantaneously, and there’s little to no delay between pressing the button and executing the command.

In other matters, Lightning’s outfit was designed by Toshiyuki Itahana, as opposed to Tetsuya Nomura, who originally illustrated Lightning. Itahana had previously worked on some downloadable costumes for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Source: Gematsu

FFXIII: Lightning Returns in Fall 2013

Yep, it’s that simple: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will see a PS360 release in Fall of this year. So sayeth the extended announcement trailer, available over on that there YouTube if you’re so inclined.

Late Night Mass Media 01/20/13

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New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Details

This week’s Famitsu has revealed more about the recently-announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. As the title subtly implies, this entry focuses entirely on Lightning. While Hope will offer guidance remotely, Lightning is the only character in battles, and this will be her last game. Combat appears to be more action-focused, with abilities directly mapped to buttons in lieu of menu commands; an ATB gauge limits their use.

Only one ending exists, however the game is intended to be cleared multiple times, presumably to unlock additional content or story. Time is a constant factor, here. In-game, one day clocks at about two hours and the end of the world is apparently thirteen days away. Various actions either give you more time or take it away.

Presently, the game is about 30% complete. No release date has been given.

Source: Andriasang

Square Enix Opens FFXIII-centric Twitter Feed

As the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event draws closer, Square Enix has set up a special Twitter feed specifically for Final Fantasy XIII developments. The “Lightning Room,” as it’s called, is accessible here, though posts are currently only in Japanese.

Square Enix Launches Teaser Site for FFXIII Lightning Saga

Taking another stab at this teaser site thing, Square Enix has opened a teaser site in advance of Final Fantasy XIII‘s next reveal. That, in turn, is set for next week during the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event; the site itself is located here.

What Happened This Week – Naysayers Right and Wrong

News time, everybody! Get it while it’s hot, metaphorically speaking as the transfer of information is not linked to temperature! In tonight’s episode:

  • Zynga’s stock takes a nosedive due to slashed earnings estimates and insiders dumped the stock months ago.  Pardon me, I’ll be over here doing my “I called it” dance.
  • Boston Magazine provides an in-depth postmortem on the many, many warning signs leading up to 38 Studios’ closing.  Short version: Schilling mixed up baseball and business.
  • Key developers come out strongly against Windows 8, with Gabe Newell saying Valve may encourage Linux development as a hedge.  Mr. Newell, hedges are supposed to save money.
  • Crunchyroll breaks down a Japanese poll showing the Japanese are no longer bullish on their own gaming industry.  Clearly, the industry needs more ara ara~
  • Square Enix takes to Twitter to confirm Versus XIII is still alive.  CEO Yoichi Wada has to stop himself from saying it’ll be done “when it’s done.”
  • FFXIV gets rebranded, Irrational Games uses Metacritic as a hiring requirement, OnLive joins up with the Ouya, and more!

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More FFXIII, FFXIV Developments Coming September 1

Capping off the round of Square Enix news, the company will reveal future plans for Final Fantasy XIII on September 1, during the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Shibuya. More news about the 2.0 release of Final Fantasy XIV is also planned for that same day.

Source: Andriasang

Wada: Rumors of FF Versus XIII’s Death Somewhat Exaggerated

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada took to Twitter to deny rumors that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had been cancelled. Said rumors began circulating last week with a Kotaku article citing unspecified sources; Wada stated that not only is the game still in development, but he had just finished with a periodic meeting for the game.

Source: Andriasang