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Final Fantasy XV is First Part of Versus Epic

Speaking with Famitsu at E3, Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura said the title will be the first part of a larger story. Although the game will be somewhat self-contained, the overall story – which the announcement trailer teased as “the Versus epic” – will continue. Nomura indicated that he is considering a compilation further down the line, once other entries have been released. Given the wait for the title formerly known as Versus XIII, he added that he would like to keep the interval between releases short.

In an interesting bit of contrition, he openly apologized towards the end of the interview for the game’s delay. He then closed with the following: “Some have said that this generation, Japanese developments have fell short overseas. In the next generation, I don’t want this to be the case at all. I want to showcase this title.”

Source: Gematsu