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Natsume Commemorates Ten Years of Planting Crops, Milking Cows

With two Harvest Moon titles due out this summer and a milestone anniversary coming up, Natsume is gearing up for a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to hand out goodies and slap special 10th anniversary branding on game packaging.

Both Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness for the Nintendo DS and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility for the Nintendo Wii have the special branding, and select retailers will be giving out collectible plush toy farm animals from the series as pre-order bonuses and gifts with purchases. There will also be a special Harvest Moon DS kit that includes a protective cover, stylus, and screen wipe.

Microsoft Game Studios, Lionhead Give Players Free Money*

* Money may not be real-world currency.

There’s always a catch. Pre-order the upcoming Xbox 360 title Fable II, and you’ll be able to download the Fable II Pub Games for free when it arrives on Xbox Live next month. Pub Games includes “Keystone,” a Craps and Roulette hybrid; “Spinnerbox,” an incarnation of the notorious one-armed bandit; and “Fortune’s Tower,” a press-your-luck game. Winnings from these gambling endeavors can be transferred later to the pockets of the player’s character in Fable II and give the would-be hero a financial boost.

Those who loathe pre-orders can pick up Pub Games for 800MS points on Xbox Live or wait until the release of Fable II, which will include the virtual casino.