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Pokémon Black Version – Staff Import Review

Two people could look at this game and come to entirely different conclusions. One could say that it’s the fifth verse, same as the first, another 160some pokémon and a whole lot worse. Another could say that the differences, though subtle, mix things up in ways that haven’t been seen in the series’ 15-year history. It’s a matter of how closely you’re looking. Continue reading ‘Pokémon Black Version – Staff Import Review’ »

July Podcast Omake: It’s Japanese For Something, I’m Told

As some of you may have surmised – because we suggested as such in the actual podcast – our latest recording was fraught with difficulty and indeed peril. Behold some of our less shining attempts at getting thirty-six minutes of coherent audio. Nerdboy echoes, Cactuar has a plan ™, Roku types with drama and panache, and Harvest Moon curses our attempts at earnest dialog. I apologize in advance. Continue reading ‘July Podcast Omake: It’s Japanese For Something, I’m Told’ »

NPCast 12: Jerly Boy

Hiya folks. Got another podcast for y’all, fresh out of the oven. This time around, Nerdboy, Slayer, Roku, and Cactuar join me in discussing some of the latest news, and introducing our new segment discussing various developer teams and their wacky exploits. This week, we delve into the shadowy backstory of Game Freak, perhaps best known as the dudes behind Pokemon. Also, Nerdboy abuses “medication” and discusses the finer points of Engrish. Behold! Continue reading ‘NPCast 12: Jerly Boy’ »