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Fallout New Vegas Given New Trailer, Release Date

The good folks at Bethesda have released a new Fallout New Vegas trailer for E3. Amongst other things, it reveals the game’s release date, which is October 19th of this year.

You can count on a review shortly thereafter, as Karl, Cortney, Xero and myself will all be playing it immediately upon launch.

Fire Emblem Footprint Making Tracks for Chicago, Boston

Nintendo has announced it will be bringing the Fire Emblem footprint experience to Anime Boston, in addition to its appearance at Anime Central. In celebration of the release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, they’ve constructed a life-size display for fans to interact with, which will be present at both the Boston and Chicago suburban events. They have also released preliminary renderings of how the display will appear on the floor. Continue reading ‘Fire Emblem Footprint Making Tracks for Chicago, Boston’ »

Square-Enix Announces Unannounced Title

We interrupt this program to apologize for this interruption. Thank you. With that out of the way, Square Enix has launched a website for an as yet untitled game. There is little to go on other than sirens, explosions, a picture of some semi-futuristic cityscape, and an ominous John F. Kennedy quote. So apparently it’s going to involve some sci-fi/fantasy title with the fate of the world at stake. That narrows it down, doesn’t it?

Check out the website here.

Source: Kotaku

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Suspended

Widescreen Games, one of CD Projekt Red’s partners in the console release of The Witcher, has just issued a press release announcing the ‘freezing’ of the game’s production. Widescreen manager Olivier Masclef has cited financial difficulties between the companies attached to Rise of the White Wolf. Continue reading ‘The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Suspended’ »

Nostalgia Hits DS Owners, Literally This Time

The Nintendo DS is getting a dose of unorthodox yet old-school RPG goodness is the form of Nostalgia, a steampunk-themed adventure courtesy of Matrix Software and Red Entertainment. Towards this end they’ve assembled by a veritable Who’s Who of industry veterans, with experience running the gamut from RPGs, anime, and survival horror. Continue reading ‘Nostalgia Hits DS Owners, Literally This Time’ »