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NPCast 04 – Then What Will You Doooooooo? o/~

Hello hello, folks. Back again with another NPCast, and this time we’re talking about something near and dear to the hearts of millions. Just a few feet away in the back of the car they’re driving, actually. How can this magical mystery burn-liquid have an impact on escapist male power fantasies and puzzle-oriented dating sims involving catgirls? Mankind may never know. Not that this stops me from opining on the subject, of course.
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NPCast 01 – And We’re Off!

And so it begins, our first genuine foray into podcasting.  Just a short piece on what we’re doing here out on the cold, cruel internets, and sorta-true observations of the media which are dedicated to covering our pasttime.  Sit back, relax, and try to imagine how people ever got old DOS games working.  Seriously, it will boggle the mind, even the minds of people who lived through that era.
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