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Site Outage Friday, March 28 – Sunday March 30

Greetings, readers of

I’m writing to warn you that beginning Friday, March 28 and lasting for a period of up to 48 hours, will be temporarily unavailable as our hosting service moves us (among others) to bigger and better web accommodations. The service has stated that it’s possible that it won’t take as long as 48 hours to get us moved and back up, and should it not we’ll be back up before Sunday of course, but otherwise, we’ll be down for two days.

We hope this causes no inconvenience for you, but after the move you should see the responsiveness of the site overall improve.

Thank you, and Happy Gaming!

Blurring the Line: Prospectus

As our pasttime grows more complex and intricate, so too does our means of classifying it; by this I speak of genres, which at the most basic level are simply common traits and similarities between certain movies, music and video games. Continue reading ‘Blurring the Line: Prospectus’ »

A Note on Review Tags

I’ll briefly explain the tags that reviews have in order to help you find what you’re looking for more easily once we start building up a large archive. Continue reading ‘A Note on Review Tags’ »