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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – Staff Review

I’d like to start this review with a simple promise: I will not make a single solar pun or reference. It’s just too easy to make comments like that, and I’m sure that most other reviewers have fallen right into that trap. After a while, it’s just tiring. So, here it is, a straightforward review of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

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Golden Sun Dawns This Fall on Nintendo DS

Here’s something to be thankful for. Nintendo announced today that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be released on November 29, just days after Thanksgiving in the United States.

Set 30 years after the events of the first two Golden Sun titles, Dark Dawn begins with an attempt to save a friend and progresses toward saving the entire world. Playable characters can collect up more than 70 different Djinn and use their elemental powers to solve puzzles.

E3 Media 06/18/10

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E3 Media 06/17/10

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Golden Sun Goes Dark, Earns Release

In a move sure to please fans of the series, Nintendo revealed a release date and a subtitle for the upcoming DS continuation of the Golden Sun series. Now known as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the game will be on store shelves this holiday season, though no more exact date was given.